Past Prospects

Hot Prospect FAQs

Why did we create the Kicking World Hot Prospect List?

For Students: To help specialists get recognized and validated for their abilities and to streamline the college recruitment process.
For Colleges: To provide a reliable source for college football teams to discover legitimate specialists for their program.

How are students chosen for the Kicking World Hot Prospect List?

The minimum criteria is that Hot Prospects must have attended at least (1) Kicking World camp and/or at least (2) Private Lessons in one year to even be considered. No one makes the list unless we see them in person and can personally vouch for their kicking, punting or snapping abilities. Prospects are nominated collectively by the Kicking World staff and Coach Brent makes the final decision on who makes the list. While we see close to 1,000 students a year, we only list the best of the best (typically our top 5-10% of specialists).

What are LEVELS?

We assign a specific level to each prospect that correlates to what level of a college football team we feel their skills most accurately align with. Levels are expressed by NCAA College Football divisions of D1, D2 and D3. We only list D1 and D2 level specialists on our Hot Prospect List.

Why don’t you RANK Prospects?

Many camp providers do rankings and we find it extremely difficult, if not impossible to say who would be a #1 kicker vs. #2, etc. Rankings of students are incomplete because they are based on only the students that particular camp provider has seen. So how does one company accurately say one kicker is “the #1 kicker in the country”?

We’ve also discovered that the integrity of some of the ranking lists are not just based on ability & performance, but in many situations favoritism comes into play in form of how often you train with that provider, etc. which influences your ranking negatively or positively.

There are so many students across the world and no one coach sees EVERYONE. So hearing that someone is ranked ___ in the country in our opinion does not hold much weight. We instead choose to provide an assessment of the prospect’s ability and assign them a level based on their performance. However, we do list our Hot Prospect List in an order of Class Year and Best to least best.

What are the factors considered in choosing the Kicking World Hot Prospect List?

We hand pick specialists for our list who demonstrate they have what it takes to play at the next level. Several factors we consider are as follows:

  • In-Game Statistics
  • Camp Performance
  • Winning a Camp Competition
  • Private Lesson Performance
  • Track Record of Performance
  • Consistency
  • Foot/Ball Contact
  • Ball Flight
  • Accuracy
  • Attitude
  • Having a Duplicable Process
  • Mental Toughness
  • How you handle Pressure

How is a prospect’s ‘LEVEL’ i.e. (D1, D2, D3) determined?

Your level is determined by your kicking, punting or snapping metrics in conjunction with factors discussed earlier. What we mean by ‘metrics’ are your accuracy/hang-time/distance for kickers & punters and your accuracy/times/build for snappers. A combination of your metrics from your games played, camp performances and private lesson training is used in calculating your level. We only list D1 and D2 level specialists on our Hot Prospect List.

Some prospects do not have a ‘LEVEL’ and ‘COLLEGE’ listed, why is that?

We assign a level to Junior and Senior year prospects, i.e. ‘Upper Classmen’ only. We feel that in 10th grade or less, a prospect’s true potential has not been reached yet and it would not be accurate to assess a level so early. However, we may sometimes assign a Level to standout sophomores who clearly exhibit D1 ability! If an underclassman makes our Hot Prospect List, it means we expect big things from that student and they should be on your radar. A College is listed when a student has committed to that school.

Can my assessed Level ever change?

Absolutely! Based on your performance at camps, lessons, in games as well your track record over the long haul, your level may go up or down. Your level has nothing to do with how much money you spend in training with us. Your level is assessed throughout the year based on performance. Prospects may be added or removed to the Hot Prospect List at any time.

Do Hot Prospects get any ‘Perks’?

Sure, why not! Besides the dramatically increased exposure you’ll get from being a Hot Prospect, all active Hot Prospects get automatic invitations to all Showcase events and also get 50% off the premium monthly training package with Coach Brent!


We put our heart and soul into what we do at Kicking World and do our very best at accurately assessing each prospect’s skills based on in-person performance at our camps and lessons. There will be times where a student severely under-performs or dramatically over-performs compared to their actual ability and we may not get an accurate reading of their true level, or overlook talented prospects because they had a bad day. You will be rated based on your performance.

The most accurate way to get assessed at your true level is to have a track record of performance over the long haul and show your consistency at multiple camps, private lessons and in-game statistics.

Making our list is a very prestigious honor that you should celebrate and share with everyone you know. If you make the Kicking World Hot Prospect List, we believe wholeheartedly that you have what it takes to play at the next level.

Class Level Name Pos ST School Coach's Comments College
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2023 D1 Dax Iverson K/P UT Fremont HS

Dec 2022 Update – Dax looked hot at our 2022 National Showcase on Dec 3-4 winning the FG comp (2-way tie) on Day 1 FG Charting going a perfect 9/9 through 60 yards and then also outright winning the Day...

2023 D1 Ryan Liszner K NJ Clifton HS

Dec 2022 Showcase update – Ryan showed he has arguably a top 5 kickoff leg in the entire country among any kicking camp out there, and in the top 3 with us for any class. He finished #1 Overall on...

2023 D1 Braxtyn Green K/P FL Suwannee HS

Dec 2022 Update – Braxtyn had a great showing at our 2022 National Showcase on Dec 3-4 in Austin, TX. He finished 5th Overall on Day 1 Punts, Overall Runner-Up (tied) on Day 1 Field Goals (perfect 8/8 through 55...

North Carolina Wesleyan
2023 D1 Ashton Paredes K/P GA Northside HS

Ashton had a powerful 2022 National Showcase showing winning Day 1 Punt Charting, finishing #4 Overall on Day 2 Punt Elimination, and going perfect through 55 yards on field goals earning overall runner-up on Day 1 FG charting. He is...

2023 D1 Daniel Deneen Jr K/P SC St James HS

Daniel Deneen Jr just earned his spot on the Kicking World Hot Prospect List after a super-impressive 2022 National Showcase showing and his profile is coming soon…

Limestone University
2023 D1 Joel Garcia K/P WA Fife HS

June 2022 update – Joel is the real deal and fully D1 ready on punts and kickoffs, and has shown some great field goals when he’s hot. He has the leg strength and consistency to be a day 1 FBS...

2023 OTC Brady Peterson K/P WA Emerald Ridge HS

Brady is a dynamite punter and he earned a spot on the Kicking World Hot Prospect List as an OTC (on the cusp) level and his profile will be updated based on future performance. We’ve only seen him once in...

Eastern Washington University
2023 D1 Ben Lewis K TX Anderson HS

Since finding Kicking World, Ben has remained a super loyal student that is bought in on our coaching methodology. He trains with me regularly for private lessons and has shown significant growth at our camps and in his in-game performance...

2014 NFL Jason Sanders K CA Villa Park HS

*2020 and beyond – so many to list, so just added as highlights in bullets below.

*2019 Season (Sophomore) Highlights – Literally too many to list. Some key ones… AFC Special Teams Player of the Month after a 7 field goal...

Miami Dolphins / Univ of New Mexico
2013 NFL Matt McCrane K TX Brownwood HS

12/27/18 Update: Matt was picked up by the Pittsburgh Steelers after they placed kicker Chris Boswell on the IR. On Sunday, December 30, 2018 he kicked 3 total field goals with one 47 yarder and a late one with minutes...

Pittsburgh Steelers / K-State
2012 NFL Conrad Ukropina K CA Loyola HS

Conrad Testimonial on Coach Brent:

“Coach Brent is simply awesome. He’s a great guy to work with and knows all the facets of the kicking game. He is reliable and knows how to take you to the next level. I always...

NFL Free Agent (49ers / Redskins / Falcons / Chiefs)
2022 D1 Robert Gunn III K/P FL Pinellas Park HS

Robert is without a doubt a Power 5 FBS scholarship-ready kicker/punter and the best 2022 kicker in the country. I believe he will be kicking in the NFL one day. He secured 4 early FBS scholarship offers from FAU, Army,...

Clemson University
2022 D1 Buck Buchanan K/P TX Marshall HS

Buck grew a ton since his sophomore year and is almost unrecognizable now. He’s mature, physically fit, and a lot taller/muscular. He has a big leg and hits an excellent flight on his field goals and kickoffs and is one...

Louisiana Tech
2022 D1 Cameron Pope K/P WA Eastmont HS

Cameron had a consistent all-around 2021 National Showcase on Dec 4-5, and while he didn’t get the outright win on any one competition this year (96 participants) he finished in the Top 5 on both punt events and one of...

University of Idaho
2022 D1 Julio Macias K/P IN West Noble HS

Julio had a dominating performance at the Kicking World July 17, 2021 kicking camp in Indianapolis where he won the FG comp with a 58 yarder and hit multiple kickoffs 75+ yards with 4.0-4.2 seconds of hang, and even crushed...

Purdue University
2022 D1 Keegan McDermott K/P OH Champion HS

Keegan had an ultra impressive showing, perhaps the best all-around performance of the 96 attendees at our 2021 National Showcase on Dec 4-5 in Austin, TX. He is now listed as a definite D1 Level recruit in the Class of...

2022 D1 Bryce Soli K/P SD Harrisburg HS

Bryce was killing kickoffs at our 2021 National Showcase on Dec 4-5 in Austin, TX and he finished #3 Overall in the competitive Day 2 Kickoff Elimination. He also had a great showing earlier this summer at our June 2021...

Bryant University
2022 D1 Tony Sterner K TX Kingwood Park HS

Tony Sterner won BOTH days’ Kickoff events at our 2021 National Showcase on Dec 4-5 in Austin, TX. He is a touchback machine that cranked out multiple 75+ / 4.0+ hang time kickoffs throughout the weekend and even hit a...

University of the Incarnate Word
2022 D1 Lane Feierfeil K/P IA Lewis Central HS

Lane excelled as a punter at our 2021 National Showcase on Dec 4-5 in Austin, TX where he finished #1 Overall on Day 2 Punt Eliminations besting nearly 90 of the country’s top HS punting recruits. He also finished Overall...

Iowa Western
2022 D1 Caden Palmer K/P IA Clayton Ridge HS

Caden had a great showing at our 2021 National Showcase on Dec 4-5 in Austin, TX. He is an all-around solid D1 Level recruit for the Class of 2022. He finished near the top on kickoffs and punts both days...

Northern Iowa
2022 D1 Evan O’Connell K/P OH Bishop Ready HS

Evan had a great 2021 National Showcase on Dec 4-5 in Austin, TX, particularly in punting where he finished #1 Overall on Day 1 Punt Charting. He hit a monster 58 yard / 4.41 second punt which substantially helped his...

2022 D1 Mark Sayegh K/P TX Westlake HS

Mark finished the season #1 in the entire nation (as per MaxPreps) in most points by kicking with a whopping 124 points via 124/126 PATs (99.2%) and 2/2 FGs! They also won their State Championship game on 12/18/21 in AT&T...

Texas Christian University
2022 D1 Ian Garcia K/P FL Foundation Academy

Ian Garcia is a very solid punter with a big frame. He played tight end and linebacker for his HS team. Ian came out to our 2021 National Showcase on Dec 4-5 and even though his leg was hurt he...

Mercer University
2022 D1 Adrian Zamudio K/P TX New Waverly HS

Adrian has been a very consistent camper with us over the last 3+ years. He’s done well at every field goal event and recently has been coming on strong with his kickoffs. He’s right in between a FCS/D2 level in...

Western New Mexico
2022 OTC Mauricio Lopez K/P TX John B Alexander HS

Mauricio Lopez just earned a spot on the Kicking World Hot Prospect List as an OTC (on the cusp) level after a compelling 2021 National Showcase on Dec 4-5. Mauricio is solid under pressure on field goals and has won...

University of Mary Hardin-Baylor
2022 OTC Nicholas West K OH Medina HS

Nick West just earned a spot on the Kicking World Hot Prospect List as an OTC (on the cusp) level after a compelling 2021 National Showcase on Dec 4-5. Nick is an excellent field goal kicker and performs well under...

2022 OTC Lucas Burrell P CA Mater Dei HS

Lucas Burrell just earned a spot on the Kicking World Hot Prospect List as an OTC (on the cusp) level after an especially solid Punting outing at our National Showcase on Dec 4-5. Burrell finished #2 Overall on Day 1...

University of Washington
2022 OTC Richard Lozano P CA Madera HS

Richard Lozano just earned a spot on the Kicking World Hot Prospect List as an OTC (on the cusp) level after a solid punting performance at the 2021 National Showcase on Dec 4-5. He finished Day 1 Punt Charting #4...

Fresno City College
2022 D2 Andrew Nelson K/P SD O'Gorman HS

Andrew is a lefty with good kicking and punting ability. He fared very well at both of his first two appearances with Kicking World in March and June 2020 and really turned up his kickoffs and punts in his most...

Univ of Sioux Falls
2022 D2 Aaron Krinsky K/P CO Pueblo County HS

Aaron has improved immensely in his last 2 camp seasons of training with Kicking World while I’ve been in town for our camps in Denver. He had a good season on both PAT/FG and is hitting kickoffs and punts well...

Colorado St-Pueblo
2022 D2 Jonathan Spurlock K/P TX Bastrop HS

Jonathan has improved immensely in the last year and I’m excited to get him on our List after having trained with KW at our camps and through lessons with me for over 2 years now. He has a big FG/KO...

Texas A&M Commerce
2022 OTC Lucas Carneiro K NC Community School of Davidson

Lucas has a big leg and was only kicking for one season before earning a 2020 National Showcase invite. He held his own at last year’s national event finishing #8 overall on Day 2 kickoffs hitting several kickoffs in the...

2021 D1 Nick Hernandez K/P TX Ronald Reagan HS

FBS/FCS OFFER NOW, the most accurate field goal kicker in the country! In 3 Varsity seasons, Nick only missed 1 PAT: 113/114 (99%) and went 16/18 on career FGs (89%). He has improved dramatically in the last year and now hits...

Univ of Sioux Falls
2021 D1 Ewan Johnson K/P TN South Doyle HS

Ewan had another wow performance at our 2020 National Showcase (see below). He had a strong showing at our 2019 National Showcase, particularly on field goals. He strikes the ball consistently well. Statistically, he had a great in-game season earning...

2021 D1 Connor Mantelli K/P CO Douglas County HS

Connor has been attending Kicking World camps for 3 years and has really started to blossom this senior year. At his last two Denver appearances (June 2020 and October 2020) he hit some monster punts and kickoffs and excelled on...

Delta State University
2021 D1 Chance Gagnon K/P FL William T. Dywer HS

Chance entered Kicking World strong with a ‘Triple Threat’ accomplishment by winning all 3 events – field goals, kickoffs, and punts at our March 2019 Orlando, FL camp. In early spring students are usually just getting back into the swing...

Keiser University
2021 D2 Brodie Eisenbraun K/P SD Sturgis HS

Brodie tore it up at his inaugural KW showing at our 2019 Minneapolis camp. He won the field goal elimination competition and finished in the top 2 for kickoffs with a nice sized, competitive camp. He earned an invite to...

Chadron State
2021 D2 Garrett Stiles K TX Seguin HS

Garrett made his mark at our 2019 Austin Father’s Day weekend event and followed it up showing steady improvement in private lessons hitting consistent kickoffs averaging 3.8 seconds of hang time, even reaching the range of 4.0 seconds a few...

Mary Hardin-Baylor
2021 D2 Enda Kirby K/P NY Archbishop Stepinac HS

Enda had a solid showing at our 2020 National Showcase (Dec 5-6) and earned a spot on the Kicking World Hot Prospect List based on his performance there and this July in Toms River, NJ. On Day 1 of...

Stony Brook
2021 D2 Christian Payne K/P TX Klein Forest HS

Christian has a big leg. At our July 2020 event in Houston he won the FG competition with a 60 YARDER. Since that event he’s made good strides in his form smoothness and looks much more polished and shows a...

Lamar University (walk-on)
2021 D3 Andrew Cunningham K TX Wylie HS

Andrew had a solid showing, particularly on Punts (finishing #4 overall each day) at our 2020 National Showcase and finally earned himself a spot on the Hot Prospect List. He’s a long-time Kicking World student having worked with us...

Mary Hardin-Baylor
2021 OTC CJ Kolodziey K/P NJ East Longmeadow HS

CJ made a good impression on us at our 2020 Northern Virginia camp. He later followed it up with solid video proof of his improvement and consistency. CJ will be attending our 2020 National Showcase on December 5-6 in Austin...

2021 OTC Jorge Figueroa K/P NM Las Cruces HS

2019 – Jorge has shown glimmers of wow kicking over the last 2 years, and this year’s Showcase and the weeks following the big event he turned it up a few notches. He finished in a 5-Way tie for Runner-up...

Santa Barbara CC / Southeast Missouri St
2020 D1 Jared Zirkel K/P TX Tivy HS

Jared dominated a field of 30 very talented kickers in Austin on 8/4/19 winning the Golden Boot with a 60 yard field goal and kickoff competition with several kicks with big hang times over 4.15-4.25 seconds. On 6/12/19 Georgia offered...

University of Georgia
2020 D1 Vito Calvaruso K/P MO Helias Catholic HS

Vito Calvaruso is the real deal. He was absolutely hammering kickoffs at our 2019 National Showcase clearly leading the pack. He hit multiple kickoffs over 75 yards, 4.0+ seconds, and won the Kickoff Elimination with an 80 yard / 4.0...

2020 D1 Jacob Willig K/P CO Rocky Mountain HS

Jacob had a great showing at our 2019 National Showcase finishing in the top group of field goals and kickoffs both days, and held his own in punting too. He has a huge kickoff leg and can hit 70+ yards,...

2020 D1 Alejandro Chavarria K/P TX Central Catholic HS

Dec 2019 Update: Alejandro had a tremendous 2019 National Showcase performance, competing with 60 of the country’s best kickers. He finished #2 overall on Day 2 kickoff eliminations, reaching 3.9+ second hang times consistently, with 65-70 yard kickoffs. BIG Leg!...

2020 D1 Everett Ornstein K/P TX Langham Creek HS

Everett is a hard-working kid with a big leg and lots of potential. He battled a back injury the second half of his junior season but pushed through it and then fully recovered. He won the field goal event at...

2020 D1 Trey McTaggart K/P TX Muenster HS

Trey has a super accurate field goal leg and is smooth under pressure. He hit 100/100 PATs his sophomore year on Varsity and was 2/2 FGs and 3/3 PATs in the State Championship game at Cowboys Stadium! His kickoffs have...

East Central University
2020 D1 Kaedin Steindorf K/P OR Sherwood HS

Kaedin has a big kickoff leg and really impressed us at his first Kicking World camp in Seattle in July. He excelled at field goals consistently hitting a penetrating ball flight that quickly got up over the line of scrimmage....

North Dakota St (PWO)
2020 D2 Anthony Ortiz K TX Royse City HS

Anthony started playing football in his junior year and had a great year going 9/9 on FGs and 100% on PATs. He has a terrific attitude, is very respectful & personable, and has been improving at each camp and lesson...

Texas A&M Commerce
2020 D2 Christian Roig K OH Midview HS

Christian has won the field goal competition at each of the last 3 years of Cleveland camps and is a 3x National Showcase attendee. He performs extremely well under pressure. Christian was one of the ‘last 4 standing’ at our...

2020 D2 Sam Renzi K/P VA Mount Vernon HS

Sam has a very nice field goal trajectory – high and straight from 55 and in. He won back to back years’ Virginia camp Golden Boot. Needs to improve FG Ball rotation as he hits an occasional wobbly end over...

Sacred Heart University
2017 D1 Lucas Havrisik K/P CA Norco HS

Lucas hit a 57 yard field goal during his freshman season at Arizona and has continued his monster kickoff leg into college drilling touchback after touchback. He is an exceptional athlete and very gifted in kicking and punting. He is co-owner...

2020 D2 Eli Gehman K TX Leander HS

Eli has a very high academic class rank and a great SAT score. He does well under pressure in-game and has delivered during the field goal competitions at Kicking World camps, and more recently has really turned up his punting...

Trinity University
2020 D2 Jared Quiñonez K CA Mater Dei Catholic HS

Jared has been working with us since his freshman year of HS via private lessons and camps. He’s a reliable young man with a great attitude who puts all he is taught into action. Jared hits a nice field goal...

Midland University
2020 D3 Perrin Teer K TX Huntington HS

Perrin has been working really hard on his kicking these last few years. He has a fast leg swing and his field goals get up quickly, with a nice trajectory off the ground. He hits some pretty solid kickoffs in...

2017 D1 Jackson Hubbard K/P TX Highland Park HS

Jackson is a tall & athletic kicker/punter with a big leg. As a freshman, he dominated our kickoff competition in Dallas, TX (April 2014) with several touchbacks. He also won the ‘Golden Boot’ (best underclassman field goal kicker at camp). As a...

2017 D1 Liam Jones K/P OK Choctaw HS

Liam has one of the strongest kickoff legs out there and is one of the best kickers in the Class of 2017. He kicks field goals off the ground (no block). At our 2014 Showcase Event in San Diego, CA Liam finished #1...

2017 D1 Hunter Everett K/P OK Newcastle HS

Hunter is an absolute STUD on many levels. Not only does he stand 6’5 tall, but he has a monster leg. He is one of our top 3 Class of 2017 kicker/punters and absolutely crushes the ball. He is co-owner...

Northeastern Oklahoma St
2017 D1 Sam McDonogh K KY St. Xavier HS

Sam has excellent field goal / kickoff kicking ability. He wowed me at our 2014 Cincinnati kicking camp and earned a place on our List. He followed up with a strong showing at our December 2014 Invite-Only Showcase Event in San...

Morehead State
2017 D1 Alex Schrag K/P TX The Colony HS

Alex hits a real nice field goal and kickoff and can also punt well. He’s been in the top 3 of kickers at each of the camps he’s attended. At our 2016 December Showcase he had a terrific showing with deep, high...

West Texas A&M
2017 D1 Justin Davidovicz K/P NJ Bridgewater Raritan HS

Justin is one of the best underclassman kickers in the country and a young man with a terrific attitude & work ethic. He earned the Varsity job this as a sophomore and hit multiple 40+ yard field goals & touchbacks...

2017 D1 Dario Longhetto K CA Newbury Park HS

Dario has a really big kickoff and field goal leg and was #1 overall on day 2 in field goal eliminations at our December 2016 Showcase and #2 overall on Day 1 kickoff charting. In season, he only missed 3...

2017 D2 Bryce Wade K CA Central Catholic HS

Bryce is a solid all around kicker. He is consistent on his field goals from 50 and in and routinely hits kickoffs 60-62 yards deep with the ability to hit 67+ on perfect contact. He needs to improve his kickoff...

Worcester Polytechnic Institute
2017 D2 Patrick Sandler K IN Roncalli HS

Patrick has proven his reliability and poise under pressure in big games. He hit TWO game-winning field goals his senior year putting his team into the second round, and later the state finals of the Indiana HS playoffs. Pat’s field goal...

University of Dayton
2017 D1 Shane McDonough K/P FL Clearwater HS

Shane has the potential to be a very good collegiate Punter. He has hit some monster punts with big hang-times and needs to work on duplicating his good hits and minimizing his average hang punts. He’s a solid combo kicker/punter...

2018 D1 Clayton Stewart K/P TX Flower Mound HS

Clayton is a terrific all-around specialist that can kick and punt, and has a big leg. He had an outstanding 2016 December Showcase performance winning both day’s punting events and finishing runner-up on field goals. He has a good attitude...

Texas State
2018 D1 Lucas Bautista K MD Winston Churchill HS

Lucas has shown consistency by winning the kickoff competition at 3 of 3 camps attended; as well as the field goal competition (Golden Boot) 2 out of 3 camps. He has a great attitude and is very tall (6’1) with...

Furman University
2018 D1 Juan Ocampo K/P TX Lockhart HS

Juan Ocampo’s class rank is #12 out of 365 students in his high school. He is very eager to take his kicking game to college and possesses a very strong leg on all 3 – field goals, kickoffs & punts. His...

2018 D1 Jacob Zepeda K TX Rouse HS

Jacob is a very athletic soccer player who has turned into an outstanding kicker. He kicks field goals off the ground and is smooth and consistent from 55 yards and in. His trajectory and pop on the ball is one of the...

Texas A&M Commerce
2018 D1 Mitchell Horton K/P TX Wall HS

Mitchell has a big kickoff leg with lots of distance. He is also an excellent punter. On both days of our 2017 invite-only Showcase, of 60 of the top K/P from around the nation, he finished in the top 3...

Angelo State
2018 D1 Michael Aresco K CT Middletown HS

Michael dominated our 2016 North Jersey kicking camp winning both the field goal & kickoff competition, besting 20+ other solid kickers. He had a game of a lifetime making 4/4 FGs (52, 42, 33, 25), 4/4 PATs, 8/8 Touchbacks and 1/1...

Merrimack College
2018 D1 Jacob Click K/P TX Lone Star HS

Jacob has a big leg and has showed consistency at multiple Kicking World camps. He hit a 42-yarder in the State Finals vs Cedar Park at Cowboys stadium and also had kicks in other big stadiums (Cowboys’ brand new practice...

Colorado School of Mines
2018 D1 Stephen Personelli K MO Park Hill South HS

Stephen has a very reliable & accurate field goal leg with a nice straight, end-over end ball flight. He had a tremendous showing on field goals at our December 2016 Showcase. He needs to improve his kickoff distance & hang-time,...

Benedictine College
2018 D2 Merrick Strykowski K/P IN Roncalli HS

Merrick had a solid kickoff showing at our 2017 invite-only Showcase finishing in the top few on both days and really hammering brand new footballs throughout the weekend. He shows a strong kickoff leg, but does need to continue to...

Marian University
2018 D2 Joanly Martinez K TX McGregor HS

I’ve spent a few years working with Joanly through private lessons and our camps. He is a very independent, reliable young man who has always done everything I’ve asked of him. He spends extra hours making highlight videos, he’s come...

Tarleton State
2019 D1 Cayden Camper K/P CO Pueblo County HS

Cayden is a 6’5 athletic punter with a big kickoff leg and a tremendous attitude. He excelled on the University camp circuit this summer winning Colorado State’s FG competition and 2 other College’s Punt/Kickoff competitions. He’s a 3x KW National...

Colorado State University
2019 D1 Carson Mohr K/P TX The Woodlands College Park HS

Carson is a great student and player in that he really takes to heart what his coaches teach him, and goes out and works hard to put it into action. He has improved tremendously from his sophomore to junior and...

University of the Incarnate Word
2019 D1 Landon Reeves K/P TX Idalou ISD

07/09/21 Update: After a super impressive 2 seasons setting several NAIA and league kicking records for OUAZ, Landon officially joined Texas Tech to be closer to home and continue on his journey of being a Division 1 football player. He...

Texas Tech (transferred from OUAZ)
2019 D1 Mark Applegate K/P VA Oakton HS

Mark is a good punter who can also kick. When he’s on he can hang with the best punters out there, reaching the mid 4.5s hang times with balls 45+. At our 2018 National Showcase he was up against some...

Virginia Tech
2019 D1 Aaron Rodriguez P CA Hart HS

Aaron is a dynamite punter who performed exceptionally well at our 2017 invite-only Showcase Event. He finished #3 Overall each day on punts and #1 in his class on Day 2 eliminations. Aaron has a very consistent drop and foot...

2019 OTC Brian Cooey K/P NJ Highland Regional HS

Brian an On the Cusp Prospect who punted exceptionally well at our Northeast Regional Showcase on 8-12-18, winning the overall punt competition and earning a 2018 National Showcase invitation. He hit multiple 45+ net, 4.8+ second hang time punts, as...

University of Maine
2019 OTC Lukas Enloe K/P TX Gilmer HS

Lukas is an On the Cusp Prospect with some excellent punting ability who can also kick long field goals back to 60 yards. He’s evolved each time we’ve seen him. His form is a little rugged, but he’s been working hard...

Blinn College
2019 D2 Oswaldo Luna K TX Hondo HS

Oswaldo has a solid kickoff leg with good hang time, and hits a nice trajectory field goal. He’s solid from 45 and in, and I’ve seen him hit back to 55 yards in private lessons. He excelled at kickoffs at...

Sul Ross State
2019 OTC Jared Zoulek K/P CO Pueblo County HS

Jared is an On the Cusp Prospect who had a solid 2018 National Showcase showing. He shared kicking duties with another Hot Prospect so did not have a ton of in-game FG/PAT attempts this year, but does have a good...

2015 D1 Nicholas Keller K/P TX Pearland HS

Nicholas was 81/82 on PATs his Junior year and played in the Texas 5A State Championship vs. Allen in Cowboys Stadium. He has a very strong leg on both kickoffs and field goals and has proved his accuracy over the...

Texas Tech
2015 D1 Keven Nguyen K/P CA Rancho Cotate HS

Keven has tremendous punting ability and on his best balls, produces NFL level punts. He needs to work on his overall consistency, and reproduce it every time. Keven won the Punt elimination competition at our December 2014 Invite-Only Showcase Event,...

2015 D1 Cooper Garcia K/P CA Nordhoff HS

Cooper has a strong punting leg, nice tempo on his field goals and a strong kickoff leg. In the second half of his Junior season just about all of his kickoffs were touchbacks. He’s improved a ton year by year...

2015 D1 Christopher Kappel K/P Austria Vienna Business School (Int'l)

Chris is a European kicker with a booming field goal and kickoff leg. He would like to come to the US and play D1 football. He was the best kicker at our 2013 Bolzano, Italy international kicking camp. He kicks...

2015 D1 Alex Moyes K/P AZ Combs HS

Alex has a tall frame (6’1) and can really crush the ball, both on kickoffs, punts and field goals. His strong suit is kickoff and field goals, and he routinely puts kickoffs deep in the end zone. In our 2014 Phoenix spring...

2015 D1 Sean Galey K/P KS Bishop Miege HS

Sean impressed me at our 2014 Kansas City camp and he was a close 2nd in the punting competition; with all hang-times 4.0+. He is well rounded in field goals, kickoffs & punts. He has a nice leg and a...

Missouri Western State
2015 D1 Jared Haynes K TX Hutto HS

Jared has been training with us for a while. He earned the starting Varsity kicker job as a freshman at Hutto. He absolutely crushes the ball on field goals. He was hitting 55 yarders as a sophomore and now he’s...

Sam Houston State
2015 D1 Blake Levin K CA Santa Barbara City College (JUCO)

Blake has 3 years of eligibility left and has gained considerable interest from college football teams after an All-American Redshirt Freshman season at Santa Barbara City College. He has multiple offers on the table. Blake kicks solid field goals and...

2015 D1 Brannon Satterfield K TX Lake Travis HS

Brannon earned the starting Varsity kicker job as a junior at one of the biggest & most successful football programs in Texas; Lake Travis HS. He won back to back Golden Boots (June 2012 and 2013) at our Austin kicking camps,...

2015 D1 Ivan Terriquez K/P CA Merrill F. West HS

Ivan was a perfect on 7 consecutive field goals through 50 yards and was runner-up as a sophomore and then near perfect through 55 yards a year later at our San Francisco camp. He was runner-up at both of these...

2015 D1 Elia Palmese K NJ Rancocas Valley Regional HS

Elia is not a big guy, but he can really boom the ball. He listens well, and follows to a T what he’s taught. His strong point is field goals, and with a little more distance on kickoffs I see...

2015 D1 Rafael Muñoz K CA Cantwell-Sacred Heart of Mary HS

Rafael’s field goals jump off his foot and I’ve seen him connect on kicks back to 60 yards. He won the field goal competition at our 2014 summer Orange County, CA camp and was very consistent throughout the entire camp....

2015 D2 Drew Smith K TX McKinney Boyd HS

Drew has a big field goal and kickoff leg. He can also punt, but kickoffs, then field goals are his best attributes. With his kickoff power I think walking on at a D1 school would not be unrealistic.

Texas Tech (walk-on)
2015 D2 Cade Thompson K AZ Basha HS

Cade has a fast leg and hits a good ball. I’m not a fan of his follow-through as he stops his leg, however it gets the job done because his kicks are straight and with solid power. At our December...

2015 D2 Gage Wilson K/P NV Bishop Gorman HS

Gage punts and kicks for powerhouse Bishop Gorman HS in Las Vegas, NV. He has blossomed into a good punter and had great senior year stats setting several new school records. He shows a lot of potential on punts and also has...

Lehigh University
2015 D2 Gordon Strelow K/P CA Sage Hill School

Gordon has a 35 ACT and 4.5 GPA. He is very mature, reliable and professional for his age. He and his friend started their own business in high school. Gordon is a D2 level field goal kicker, and on his...

UC Berkeley (non football)
2015 D2 Alex Gilland P TX Killeen HS

Alex had a consistent showing in punts at our December 2014 Showcase Event. He averaged 37 yard Net punts (52 in the air) with several punts 4.0+ seconds hang-time. If he can add a couple more yards and a few...

West Point (walk-on)
2014 D1 John Coleman K NJ Sparta HS

John is the real deal and is D1 scholarship material. He’s a student you need at your school both athletically and academically. He has dominated year after year at our camp competitions, and has delivered under pressure, numerous times. He...

Monmouth University
2014 D1 Hunter Kelley K/P CA Edison HS

Hunter is a tall, athletic punter that can also destroy the ball on kickoffs. Make sure you check out his videos. He only started kicking (after playing soccer) his junior year and ramped up quickly. At our private training he...

2014 D1 Eric Piccione K/P TX Clear Springs HS

Eric gets great lift and distance on his field goals. He won multiple field goal & kickoff competitions going back to 60+ yard field goals in a pressured environment. He crushes his kickoffs deep in the end zone and can...

Blinn College - JUCO & transferred to Northwestern State
2014 D1 TJ Fitzsimmons K/P HI Kamehameha-Kapalama HS

Tyler ‘TJ’ had an amazing senior year punting in Hawaii. Most of his games were played at Aloha Stadium so he has experience in front of a big crowd & is used to kicking on tall college uprights. He connected...

Pacific University
2014 D1 Luciano Fasani K KS Bonner Springs HS

Luciano converted an onside kick and then kicked a game-winning 29 yard field goal and booted a 43 yard field goal the week before and had a 3 field goal game (43, 41, 21) the week prior to that! He had...

Emporia State
2014 D2 Matt Barmby K/P CA Cosumnes Oaks HS

Matt had improved a ton in the last two years and will be going into a JC after he graduates. We expect him to transfer out after a year or two.  Matt won 2 consecutive field goal competitions at our...

Sacramento City College / San Jose State
2014 D1 Christian Guerra-Barbosa K TX Creekview HS

Christian really impressed me after having just an ok first camp outing with us, he rebounded 4 months later and won the Golden Boot with a 60 yard field goal, besting 20+ Dallas area kickers. He hammers the ball on...

McPherson College
2014 D2 Oliver Graybar K NV Reno HS

Oliver ‘Ollie’ is a strong young man with a lot of power behind his kicks and punts. He is well rounded in field goals, kickoffs and punts and is equally good in all 3. He kicks touchbacks often and gets...

The Milford Academy & transferred to Arizona
2014 D1 Esteban Senteno K/P CA Mission Hills HS

Esteban really turned it on in his Senior year. He was a man on a mission and came to 3 consecutive California camps this spring/summer to stake his claim by winning multiple camp events. This year as a senior he...

Northern Arizona University
2014 D2 Raul Perez K NJ Manasquan HS

Raul is an excellent field goal kicker with a wonderful attitude. His ball gets up quickly and he’s already off the ground on field goals. His weak link is kickoff distance. He hits touch backs but is averaging right around...

Cheyney University
2014 D2 Tanner Martin K MO Lee's Summit West HS

Tanner is a well-built, physically matured kicker who can crush the ball. He won back to back Golden Boots at our Kansas City kicking camp in 2012 and 2013. His best attribute is his power and strong legged kickoffs. Borderline...

2014 D1 Kevin Reid Jr. K/P TX Flour Bluff HS

Kevin tore it up at our summer Austin TX camp and went all the way back to 60 yards in the field goal competition. He likes to compete and kicks a really nice ball. He was off the ground his...

Texas State University
2016 D1 Grant Carlson K/P TX Ridge Point HS

Grant was perfect on PATs (62/62) his entire sophomore Varsity season. He is one of the best kicker/punter combo guys in Texas and one of the top 2016 kicker/punters in the country, and our best all-around prospect right now. He was crushing...

Boston College
2016 D1 Shea Underwood K/P GA Towns County HS

Shea is a terrific D1 level punter/kicker. He has a big kickoff leg and gets nice pop on his field goals. His punts have really turned on and he hits big hang-time/distance punts, consistently. He has a ton of potential and I...

Georgia Tech
2016 D1 Collin Riccitelli K/P CA Carlsbad HS

Collin has progressed so quickly since his sophomore year and as a Junior at our 2014 Showcase on Dec 6-7 in San Diego, he won the Kickoff elimination competition outright, besting 41 other top kickers from across the country. He routinely...

2016 D1 Nick Van Valkenburg K/P OR St. Mary's School

Nick is a bright young man with a lot of drive. He battled a season ending knee injury his junior year and came back stronger than ever with his ‘bionic leg’ the summer going into his senior year. He has...

Fresno State
2016 D1 Josh Jones K FL Fivay HS

Josh has a D1 level kickoff leg and consistently put kickoffs 65+ yards with 3.75+ seconds hang-time as a sophomore at our 2014 Orlando, FL camp! He is one of few campers to ever win the ‘Triple Threat Champion’ meaning he won...

2016 D1 Mehran Roshanaei K/P VA Yorktown HS, VA

Mehran has a massive kickoff leg. He dominated all aspects of our June 2015 Virginia kicking camp earning himself an invite to our December 2015 Showcase in San Diego, CA. At the Showcase Mehran finished #1 in the senior class...

Hampton University
2016 D1 Pat Davis K NJ Lacey Twp. HS

Pat Davis has shown poise under pressure and a college level leg since starting Varsity as a sophomore. Pat won (3) consecutive kickoff competitions at our camps; an unprecedented first. At our 2014 Invite-Only Showcase Event in San Diego, CA;...

Pace University
2016 D1 Chris Stalter K CA Vista HS

Chris has come a long way with his form, accuracy and power. He now has an excellent kickoff leg with solid hang-time and a penetrating ball flight. His field goal follow-through is more pronounced (since junior year season video) and he’s consistent...

Univ of San Diego
2016 D1 Victor Ulmo K TN Baylor School

Victor really impressed me at our April 2015 Chattanooga, TN kicking camp. He had one of the strongest field goal and kickoff legs at camp and he earned an invite to the December 2015 Showcase. After another powerful performance at the...

UT Chattanooga
2016 D1 Jake Ward P NV Spanish Springs HS

Jake has evolved from a D2 level punter to a bonafide D1 level punting recruit. His mid-season senior year film is pretty impressive with many punts hitting mid 4 seconds hang-times and nicely positioned punts pinning the returner inside the...

University of Nevada, Reno
2016 D1 Brandon Cunningham K/P TX Wylie HS

Brandon has a really nice punting leg, and can also kick field goals and kickoffs. He is tall, slender and hits a beautiful spiraling punt. At our December 2015 invite-only Showcase event, he finished in the top 5 Overall on...

Angelo State
2016 D2 Tim Smith K/P CA El Cerrito HS

Tim booms the ball with great lift and carry on his field goals. He hit multiple 60+ yarders at camp, and connects from 55 and in with ease. Solid hang-times on kickoffs (3.65 avg) but needs to add 5 more...

Cal Poly (non football)
2016 D1 Evan Lewis K/P CA Agoura HS

Evan finished #2 Overall on Punts at our December 2014 Showcase Event and again #2 Overall on Punts at the December 2015 Showcase. He hits balls that turn over perfectly and stay in the air long. He routinely hits 42+...

Boise State (walk-on)
2016 D2 Dean Krcic K/P PA Pleasant Valley HS

Dean has a big, tall frame (6’2) and tons of power on Punts and Field Goals. Huge Leg. Needs to work on fundamentals to establish a smoother field goal tempo. Also needs to work on drop consistency. On his good...

Kutztown University
2016 D2 Trent Whitesell P TX Fort Davis HS

Trent has a typical punter’s frame and absolutely bombs the ball. He comes from a small school/town in West Texas and plays ‘6 man football.’ He’s a hand on his family’s ranch and works real hard. Great attitude, very coachable,...

Blinn College