Our Story

After an All-American collegiate kicking career, Brent Grablachoff spent 5 years in the sales & marketing world gaining diverse experience in the technology, software, automotive, and financial sectors. He worked at Fortune 500 companies including Merrill Lynch, Honda, and CDW; as well as two software start-ups. While all was ‘good’, he never quite felt that fire, like lining up to kick a game-winning field goal. He took a risk, followed his entrepreneurial dreams and moved from New Jersey to Southern California to put his heart and soul into Kicking World. After 10 years in SoCal, Coach Brent moved out to Austin, TX and is now more centrally located for our large Texas clientele, and it makes flights for our camps and students traveling for lessons to/from Texas much more efficient.

What We Do

Kicking World provides the best football kicking instruction in the world. We see over 1,200 students a year through our 50 annual football kicking camps in 32 major cities across 23 states. We train kickers, punters, and snappers of all levels, including youth, high school, college, and professional athletes. Our coaches are located around the country and we also offer 1-on-1 lessons for all levels, starting as young as 9 years old.

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Lining Up

Our Approach

In your first interaction with us, you should quickly realize our detailed process and meticulous nature that sets us apart from the rest. We’ve installed a simple but effective game-plan that helps each of our students grow and improve every day. If you’re seeking a coach who pays attention to the details and puts his heart into getting you real results, then look no further, Kicking World is the way to go!

We Believe

At Kicking World, we believe hard work trumps natural talent. We have coached several kickers, punters and snappers that had humble starts and later went on to have successful collegiate and professional football careers. They all did not have ‘natural talent.’ If you have the will, the work ethic and the right training, you too can get to the next level. Read Coach Brent Grablachoff’s 9 virtues to success that embodies all we do at Kicking World.


  • Make a Positive impact on today’s youth
  • Hard Work trumps natural talent
  • Passion for what we do
  • Real Results for every student
  • Reliability & Transparency
  • Detailed Process
  • Attention to Details


No kicker or punter is the same and each student deserves private instruction that is tailored toward their individual needs, objectives and goals. Rather than giving you a ‘one size fits all’ generic approach to kicking instruction, Coach Brent Grablachoff and his staff customizes their teaching to match your skill-level and ability; to keep you motivated, working hard and help take your performance to a whole new level. You will appreciate our coaches’ intensity for football, passion for kicking and their ability to teach you in a clear and concise manner that allows you to see noticeable results quickly!


We help our high school kickers with the college recruitment process by showing you how to market yourself and get exposure to college football coaches. We record video at practices and can even create highlight films to help get your name out there. It’s not uncommon for Coach Brent Grablachoff to write letters & e-mails of recommendation for his better kicking & punting students. If you train with us we’ll develop a customized game-plan for you to follow, provide you with on & off-field expert kicking instruction and instill total confidence in your kicking game so you’re ready to excel come game-time. This is all included!


The ‘gel factor’ with our students, parents and coaches is just as important as the overall kicking game knowledge you will receive. You can expect to develop rapport and a bond with the Kicking World staff that extends beyond the football field. Kicking World coaches actively participate in their students’ progress and are available to contact via phone, e-mail and text message. It’s exciting to get a text on a Friday night from a student’s parent saying how they just nailed a 40 yard field goal! That is the reward for us as kicking coaches! So, at Kicking World we encourage interaction with our students and also provide a highly active community through our social media channels for you to interact with Coach Brent, the staff, and other kickers, punters & snappers.

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“A man can be as great as he wants to be. If you believe in yourself and have the courage, the determination, the dedication, the competitive drive and if you are willing to sacrifice the little things in life and pay the price for the things that are worthwhile, it can be done.”

– Vince Lombardi


Kicking World is centrally headquartered in beautiful Austin, TX. In addition to our world-wide kicking camps, we have private coaches for kicking, punting and snapping that can train you year-round. Explore our staff page to learn more about everyone at Kicking World and find a coach near you to get started with lessons today.


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