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Why did we create the Kicking World Hot Prospect List?

For Students: To help specialists get recognized and validated for their abilities and to streamline the college recruitment process.
For Colleges: To provide a reliable source for college football teams to discover legitimate specialists for their program.

How are students chosen for the Kicking World Hot Prospect List?

The minimum criteria is that Hot Prospects must have attended at least (1) Kicking World camp and/or at least (2) Private Lessons in one year to even be considered. No one makes the list unless we see them in person and can personally vouch for their kicking, punting or snapping abilities. Prospects are nominated collectively by the Kicking World staff and Coach Brent makes the final decision on who makes the list. While we see over 1,000 students a year, we only list the best of the best (typically our top 3-5% of specialists). We also have a private ‘on the cusp’ list that is e-mailed to college coaches, which typically includes our top 6-9% of students who are on the verge of becoming Hot Prospects.

What are LEVELS?

We assign a specific level to each prospect that correlates to what level of a college football team we feel their skills most accurately align with. Levels are expressed by NCAA College Football divisions of D1, D2 and D3. We only list D1 and D2 level specialists on our Hot Prospect List.

Why don’t you RANK Prospects?

Many camp providers do rankings and we find it extremely difficult, if not impossible to say who would be a #1 kicker vs. #2, etc. Rankings of students are incomplete because they are based on only the students that particular camp provider has seen. So how does one company accurately say one kicker is “the #1 kicker in the country”?

We’ve also discovered that the integrity of some of the ranking lists are not just based on ability & performance, but in many situations favoritism comes into play in form of how often you train with that provider, etc. which influences your ranking negatively or positively.

There are so many students across the world and no one coach sees EVERYONE. So hearing that someone is ranked ___ in the country in our opinion does not hold much weight. We instead choose to provide an assessment of the prospect’s ability and assign them a level based on their performance. However, we do list our Hot Prospect List in an order of Class Year and Best to least best.

What are the factors considered in choosing the Kicking World Hot Prospect List?

We hand pick specialists for our list who demonstrate they have what it takes to play at the next level. Several factors we consider are as follows:

  • In-Game Statistics
  • Camp Performance
  • Winning a Camp Competition
  • Private Lesson Performance
  • Track Record of Performance
  • Consistency
  • Foot/Ball Contact
  • Ball Flight
  • Accuracy
  • Attitude
  • Having a Duplicable Process
  • Mental Toughness
  • How you handle Pressure

How is a prospect’s ‘LEVEL’ i.e. (D1, D2, D3) determined?

Your level is determined by your kicking, punting or snapping metrics in conjunction with factors discussed earlier. What we mean by ‘metrics’ are your accuracy/hang-time/distance for kickers & punters and your accuracy/times/build for snappers. A combination of your metrics from your games played, camp performances and private lesson training is used in calculating your level. We only list D1 and D2 level specialists on our Hot Prospect List.

Some prospects do not have a ‘LEVEL’ and ‘COLLEGE’ listed, why is that?

We assign a level to Junior and Senior year prospects, i.e. ‘Upper Classmen’ only. We feel that in 10th grade or less, a prospect’s true potential has not been reached yet and it would not be accurate to assess a level so early. However, we may sometimes assign a Level to standout sophomores who clearly exhibit D1 ability! If an underclassman makes our Hot Prospect List, it means we expect big things from that student and they should be on your radar. A College is listed when a student has committed to that school.

Can my assessed Level ever change?

Absolutely! Based on your performance at camps, lessons, in games as well your track record over the long haul, your level may go up or down. Your level has nothing to do with how much money you spend in training with us. Your level is assessed throughout the year based on performance. Prospects may be added or removed to the Hot Prospect List at any time.


We put our heart and soul into what we do at Kicking World and do our very best at accurately assessing each prospect’s skills based on in-person performance at our camps and lessons. There will be times where a student severely under-performs or dramatically over-performs compared to their actual ability and we may not get an accurate reading of their true level, or overlook talented prospects because they had a bad day. You will be rated based on your performance.

The most accurate way to get assessed at your true level is to have a track record of performance over the long haul and show your consistency at multiple camps, private lessons and in-game statistics.

Making our list is a very prestigious honor that you should celebrate and share with everyone you know. If you make the #KickingWorld #HotProspectList, we believe wholeheartedly that you have what it takes to play at the next level.


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Class Level Name Pos ST School Coach's Comments College
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2019 D1 William Forman K/P FL The Nation Christian Academy

William was a young 17 during his 2018 season, so opted to go to a Prep School as a 5th year senior, with an updated graduation class of 2019. He is now enrolled at The Nation Christian Academy in Florida....

2019 Landon Reeves K/P TX Idalou ISD

Landon had a very consistent 2016 Showcase weekend proving to be one of the better kickers in his class. He has a great attitude and has a strong leg. Consistent field goals and a kickoff range. Landon’s improved nicely from...

2019 D2 Carson Mohr K TX The Woodlands College Park HS

Carson is a great student and player in that he really takes to heart what his coaches teach him, and goes out and works hard to put it into action. He has improved tremendously over his sophomore year and earned...

2019 Cole Sayre K/P TX Hyde Park HS

Cole has a cannon of a leg and hits kickoffs easily 67+ yards. His field goal pop is impressive and the ball takes up and off quickly. His missed PATs were early in the season and he’s made all of...

2019 D1 Jeremiah Kim K/P NC John T Hoggard HS

Jeremiah had a terrific field goal showing at our 2017 invite-only Showcase, finishing #1 overall on Day 2 eliminations and a perfect 100% on kicks 30-50 on day 1 charting. He has a big distance kickoff leg, but needs to...

2019 Mark Applegate K/P VA Oakton HS

Mark has an excellent punting leg and was near the top of the pack for both punting and kickoffs all weekend at our 2017 invite-only Showcase event. He gets great distance on kickoffs but does need to improve overall hang-time....

2019 D1 Aaron Rodriguez P CA Hart HS

Aaron is a dynamite punter who performed exceptionally well at our 2017 invite-only Showcase Event. He finished #3 Overall each day on punts and #1 in his class on Day 2 eliminations. Aaron has a very consistent drop and foot...

2020 Jared Zirkel K/P TX Tivy HS

As a Freshman, Jared was kicking 55+ yard field goals and kickoffs in the end zone! He’s now 6’3 and bigger and stronger, and has gotten his motor skills dialed in. He’s performed well at each of our events and was...

2020 Trey McTaggart K TX Muenster HS

Super accurate field goal leg. Hit 100/100 PATs his sophomore year on Varsity and was 2/2 FGs and 3/3 PATs in State Championship game at Cowboys Stadium! Trey is very smooth under pressure and has a fast leg. He excelled...