1. What Time are the Kicking Camps?

2-Day Camps: 930am-3pm Day 1, 1130am-430pm Day 2
1-Day Camps: 11am-4pm
Snapping Camps: 12pm-3pm
Youth Camps: 9am-1130am
Regional Showcase: 1030am-430pm
National Showcase: 830am-3pm Day 1, 830am-4pm Day 2
College/Pro: 830am-3pm Day 1, 830am-4pm Day 2

*Times vary slightly for each camp, so please check the exact times on the details page of the specific camp you are interested in attending.
Check-In is typically 15-30 minutes before each camp’s posted start time.

2. What types of Camps do you have?

2-Day and 1-Day Camps (Ages 13-18)

This is best for Middle School, High School & Junior College kickers and punters through 18 years old. Participants in this group should expect an accelerated learning level that teaches them not only the fundamentals and core aspects of kicking but also intermediate/advanced techniques and a more competitive atmosphere. There will be beginners, intermediate and advanced kickers in this group and everyone will get plenty of instruction and will not feel left out or out of place. The majority of students in these camps are typically High School kickers & punters, ages 13-18. For college and pro snappers 19 years or older, checkout the College/Pro events.

Snapping Camps (Ages 13-18)

This is best for Middle School, High School & Junior College snappers through 18 years old. Participants in our snapping camps should expect a small camp size (typically limited to 10 campers) with focus on the fundamentals and helping you decrease your snap times and make them much more accurate. We will teach you a process to follow to ensure more consistent snaps. There will be beginners, intermediate and advanced snappers in this group and everyone will get plenty of instruction and will not feel left out or out of place. The majority of students in these snapping camps are typically High School snappers ages 13-18. For college and pro snappers 19 years or older, checkout the College/Pro events. For more details about our Snapping Camps and Snapping Lessons view our Snapping page.

Youth Camps (Ages 9-12)

This is best for beginners, youth football kickers and punters, and for players who want to learn the fundamentals and beginner/intermediate techniques. The majority of students will be 9-12 years old. Age exceptions can be made if you are a younger 13 or older 8 depending upon your skill level, maturity, physical build, etc. The minimum requirement is that you have the strength to at least kick the ball 15 yards in the air (which is like making a field goal from the 5-yard line). The ‘typical’ student in our youth camps range from being able to kick a 15 to 32 yard field goal, and some can even make it from 35+ yards. If you are however making 40+ yard field goals already, you may be better suited for a 2-Day or 1-Day camp. Our youth camp is focused on teaching you the proper kicking mechanics in a safe, fun and instructional environment with contests and prizes!

*If you’re unsure of what session to sign up for, please Contact Us for further clarification (e-mailing a video link with a few kicks and/or punts can help us recommend the right camp).

Regional Showcase (9th-12th grade)

These special 1-Day Showcases are ‘open events’ and do not require an invitation as our National Showcase does. Our regional showcases are designed for kickers, punters, and snappers looking to compete against the best specialists in each geographic territory. There is no on-field instruction as it is a competition only event with an emphasis on getting noticed. There is a thorough classroom recruiting discussion with tips & strategy on the college football recruiting process for specialists. Each participant will receive a detailed assessment from the coaching staff with their strengths & weaknesses, and an action plan. View details of each Regional kicking Showcase on our camp schedule page.

Invite-Only National Showcase (9th-12th grade)

Our once a year, Invite-Only Showcase Event is held every December in Austin, TX. This special event is reserved for the top Kicking World campers in 8th-12th grade and you must receive an invitation to attend. Showcase Invitations are awarded based on performance at Kicking World camps. As the Showcase is designed for the very best specialists, there is no on-field instruction, and the emphasis is on competitions, getting validated & increasing your college exposure. Day 2 is also streamed live on YouTube! See the National Showcase camp details page for detailed information on everything that takes place.

College/Pro Events (All graduating HS Seniors, College, Pro & free-agents)

Correcting small inefficiencies in your technique and fundamentals can equate to big gains in your overall consistency, distance and confidence. Sometimes all it takes is adding .10 to .20 more seconds on your kickoff or punt hang-time or an additional 2-3 yards on your field goal, punt or kickoff range to make it. Coach Brent and the senior staff will help dial in our more advanced collegiate & professional specialists through video review, on-field instruction and tightening up your form & process to get you ready to go. For the available college (within NCAA rules, based on class year) & pro specialists, we’ll help you get noticed at the professional level. NFL & CFL scouts, special teams coordinators, player personnel & agents will all be made aware of the event and a detailed roster, results & re-cap will be sent to each organization. Graduating HS Seniors are welcome provided you have finished your senior year HS football season and are going to be playing college football in the fall.

Coach Camps (active youth or HS coaches)

We allow active Youth and High School coaches to come out and learn from the coaching staff. You will be able to take notes and listen in on the instruction from the coaching staff, but you will not actively participate in the camp. For 2-Day camps, you will also get a lunch. The cost for a coach to attend camp is $50 and you may register on the same Camp registration page as the other camps. Just choose the ‘Coach’ option.

3. How Much do the Camps cost?

2-Day & National Showcase
College/Pro Events: $300
1-Day Camps: $225
Regional Showcases: $200
Snapping Camps: $200
Youth Camps: $100
Coach Fees: $50

A $100 deposit Or payment in full holds your spot at camp!

4. How do Camp Payments work? Can I pay a Deposit to hold my spot?

A deposit ($100) or payment in full is required in advance to reserve your spot at camp. You make your payment on our website (debit/credit card or PayPal is accepted). If paying a deposit, the remaining balance can be paid at any time on our website (login to My Account) by clicking the link in your e-mailed receipt or in the upper right of our website. Or you may pay your balance at camp check-in with debit/credit card or PayPal.

5. What Payment Methods does Kicking World accept?

We do not accept cash or checks. This helps speed up the camp check-in process and makes purchasing much easier and most parents & campers prefer the convenience of it. We accept these awesome payment methods at camps and lessons!

6. Are your camps open to ‘first-time‘ kickers, punters or snappers?

While our camps are open to all skill levels (beginner, intermediate & advanced), we recommend camp participants have at least 1 year of position specific experience under their belt, or have practiced kicking, punting or snapping on their own and have competent motor skills & coordination. A private lesson is more appropriate if you have never kicked, punted or snapped before or have not played at least a couple years of soccer.

7. Do you offer any discounts?


Sibling Discount ($50 off each child’s camp fee)
If you’re registering 2 or more siblings together for the same camp(s), just give us a call and we’d be happy to apply the discount to your cart. Not available for Youth Camps.

Punter-Only Discount ($75 off 1-Day & $150 off 2-Day)
After registration, during the camp payment process, you will see options to select your position of Kicker/Punter or Punter Only. We allow a limited number of Punter Only spots for each camp.

Volume Discount
Register for (3) or more camps and we’ll take $50 off each camp fee, per student. Just give us a call and we’d be happy to apply the discount to your cart. Not available for Youth Camps.

Snapper Referral Discount
Invite your Snapper to the same camp you are attending, and we’ll give you your choice of $50 off your next Kicking World camp or a KW Under Armour shirt as a thank you! Just let us know after you both register! (See snapping camp dates – all coincide with our kicking camp dates. Snapping is only offered at select camps).

Unlimited Camp Attendance
After registration, during the camp payment process, you will see an option for a One-Time Camp Payment to attend any & all Kicking World camps; any city(s) and state(s) for one year! This is a limited time offer and only a select amount of these spots are available. Valid for ANY 1-Day or  2-Day camps and your choice of any (1) Regional Showcase event. Not transferable/shareable. Siblings – save $200 off each unlimited package. Call for sibling discount or to break up your unlimited camp payment into 2 easy payments.

8. What’s the Difference between a 1-Day Camp and a 2-Day Camp?

Our camp itinerary lists what’s included in a 2-Day versus a 1-Day camp. In short, 2-Day camps are more comprehensive (approximately 10 hours over 2 Days, versus 4.5 hours in 1 Day).

2-Day camps include:

*Regional Showcase, Invite-Only National Showcase & College/Pro events have a different itinerary and you should reference their unique camp details page for more info.

9. Can I attend just 1 of the days at a 2-Day Camp?

Day 1 of our 2-Day Camps is a prerequisite to Day 2. Meaning, you cannot attend Day 2 without having been to Day 1. However, if you’d like to attend just Day 1 (heavy instructional day), you may contact us to receive a small discount off the full 2-Day camp cost. Your plan to attend Day 1 only must be confirmed in advance of the camp, and no credits/refunds will be applied for simply not showing up on Day 2; for any reason.

*Kicking World regulars who are more advanced & have attended several KW camps or lessons over the years can contact us for an exception to attend Day 2 only (charting/competitions) at a discounted rate, although it is preferable you attend both days.

10. What’s Included in Camp Registration?

All kicking camp students will receive a very nice Kicking World camp shirt (we change the design every year)! Lunch is also included on Day 1 of our 2-Day Camps. At all our camps you will be eligible to compete for awards/prizes & recognition in our kicking competitions. You gain invaluable exposure and recognition (based on performance) on our website and the opportunity to earn an invitation to our National Showcase Event and earn a spot on our Hot Prospect List. You will learn a TON in a fun, educational and competitive environment. We offer the most informative camp with the best results in the country because of our strict adherence to a high coach to student ratio and by limiting each camp’s maximum attendance! View our general camp itinerary which helps further illustrate what’s included and the differences of each camp.

11. Do College Coaches attend your Camps?

Most Division 1 (FBS) Coaches are not allowed to attend any sports camp not run by them, due to NCAA regulations. However, many D3, D2 and FCS programs are allowed to attend outside camps; although rarely are coaches attending camps due to their hectic travel/recruiting schedule, and it’s more efficient and logistically friendly for them to receive our recommendations via text, e-mail or a phone call. We share the results of each camp and recommend the top performers through our deep relationships with college football coaches nationwide. Because our Invite Only National Showcase is at the end of the year, college coaches will have more flexibility in their schedule and we’ll typically have some coaches attend in person, and most will watch the event LIVE on YouTube.

12. What Do you Offer as far as Recruiting/Exposure?

At every Kicking World camp you’ll have the opportunity to showcase your talent & get noticed based on your performance! Camp results are posted on our website and distributed to local media and college football coaches. Behind the scenes we do a ton of pro-active marketing for our entire student base, particularly those who remain loyal, are coachable and continue to work hard both on the football field and in the classroom. Over the years we’ve established deep relationships with college football coaches around the country, and we personally recommend our students based on performance at Kicking World camps and private lessons. At every camp students can qualify to earn an invite to our National Showcase, featuring the top specialists from all our camps for that year. Our invite-only National Showcase is held at the end of the football season in December and is streamed LIVE on YouTube and has landed dozens of recruits scholarships over the years. Additionally, the very best Kicking World students from all our camps earn a spot on our exclusive Hot Prospect List for a massive recruiting boost. To see all of our recruiting/exposure offerings, visit our Recruiting page.

13. What Do I Need To Bring?

You will receive a detailed camp e-mail approximately 5-7 days before the camp date with EVERYTHING you need to know including camp itinerary, exact check-in time (typically 15 minutes before the start time listed on each specific camp page)check-in location, etc. But here are some general tips for you in case you were wondering:

All campers should bring/wear:

Read this article on What are the Best kicking shoes

At the 2-Day Camps, Showcase & College/Pro camp, Lunch is served on Day 1 and provided by Jersey Mike’s Subs, Jimmy John’s (or similar deli) and there will be cold water bottles both days of camp. At our 1-day camps, snapping camps & youth camps, lunch is not served, but cold water will be provided. For hot/summer camps, bringing your own water bottle/cooler/chilling towel is a good idea too (some students like to bring Gatorade, extra snacks, a hat, sunblock & sunglasses). Also, parents with tents are encouraged to bring them for extra shade for themselves and campers. For parents, family & friends watching in the bleachers, we recommend bringing a portable seat with back support to make your time at camp more enjoyable!

We typically have enough kicking equipment for each camp including Under Armour 695XT Footballs for our high school/college session, Under Armour composite footballs for our youth session, and kicking tees, blocks and ball holders. We do however ask that you bring what you have, ideally (2-3 Footballs, 1 FG block, 1 Kickoff Tee, 1 Ball Holder) as it’s always good to have extra as a back-up plan in case of any travel luggage mishaps, and especially for any larger camps! Please clearly mark your name on each item you bring. Most students bring a kicking bag or backpack to hold their gear, cleats, phone, and a drink & snack. Need to purchase equipment? Order the ‘Kicking World HS Package‘ or ‘Kicking World Youth Package‘ from WizardKicking.com under their Specials section or by calling Mike at Wizard Kicking directly. The package includes (3) footballs, ball holder, FG Block and Kickoff Tee and is much cheaper than buying all items individually. Not sure which block or tee size to use? Watch Coach Brent discuss Choosing the Right Kicking Tee. We always have cool merchandise for sale including t-shirts, hoodies, hats, books, DVDs and select kicking equipment.

14. Is there housing/lodging provided for 2-Day Camps?

To keep things simple and allow parents & students their own choice, we do not provide housing or lodging for any Kicking World camps. Our camps are not ‘overnight camps’, meaning: at the end of Day 1 of Camp, campers are free to go, but then all campers return for Day 2 the next morning. The majority of our camps are located in great areas for fun family activities. Most campers book a hotel for 2 nights on Friday and Saturday and check-out Sunday morning before heading to Day 2 of camp. Kicking World has negotiated special Group Discounts with Marriott for select camp stops. Be sure to look on each camp details page to see if we advertise a special rate for that specific camp. Kicking World coaches have been staying at Marriott Courtyard properties for several years now and we like them best because of their clean, modern & comfortable rooms, free parking & WIFI, and close proximity to most of our camp locations.

15. Do You offer 1 on 1 Lessons before/after the Camps?

In addition to the year-round private kicking, punting & snapping instruction we offer around the country, (Find a Coach), camp coaches are typically available 1 or 2 days before and after most camps for field goal, kickoff, punting and snapping lessons. Check the specific camp’s details page to see if lessons are being offered during that camp stop, or register for a Lesson and leave us a note if wanting to set something up.

16. Can parents, family & friends watch the camp?

Absolutely, and we encourage it! Campers and coaches are working hard out on the field and each student really appreciates seeing their mom, dad, family & friends out there watching and supporting them. If you can make it to camp and stay the whole time (which would be great), you will typically sit in the bleachers. For smaller camps (less than 12) or fields without bleachers, the atmosphere is more informal and we allow you to watch from the sidelines. We do not however allow anyone outside of the coaching staff to engage with players out on the field during camp, but you can interact with your student during water/lunch breaks (off the field). The only people out on the field beside campers and coaches will be our dedicated photographer, videographer or ball shaggers helping out. It would be good to bring a bleacher type chair with a back and perhaps an umbrella to stay comfortable up in the bleachers.

17. Do you need any help shagging balls at camp?

YES! Since we cannot fly a dedicated staff of ball shaggers around the country to each camp (LOL), we rely on YOU, the parents, siblings, friends & family to serve as our camp volunteers. You will of course get cold waters, a pat on the back and most importantly, our sincere appreciation for helping to make camp run as smooth as possible. We will make an announcement during the pre-camp discussion, but if we forget to, just come on out behind the goal posts after we start kicking, and we’d love to have you help funnel balls in toward the campers! A lot of people like it because they end up making new friends and can see their student from a different vantage point.

18. Can I drive myself to camp without my parents/guardian attending?

If you drive yourself, you do not Need your parent/guardian to check you in and you may indeed come by yourself. However, if you’re under 18, make sure that your parent or guardian has registered you for camp, and signed your digital camp release form (contact us to confirm if you’re not sure). Any balance owed should be paid in full before or at camp check-in.

19. How do Camp Competitions work?

At all 2-Day camps we have a double-elimination Field Goal Competition (starts at 30 yards, covers each hash mark and then goes back in 5-yard increments from the 40 middle and on until only 1 camper remains for each age group). We also have a Kickoff and Punt Competition (average hang time & distance on 3 consecutive kicks and punts) and fun impromptu ‘contests’ throughout camp. At 1-Day camps, we only do the double-elimination Field Goal Competition, but also have fun contests too. Our Regional Showcases and invite-only National Showcase event is completely different and is explained in detail on its unique camp details page. Our College/Pro camp is for college/pro specialists only, and explained on its unique camp details page. For Snapping camps, we have mini-competitions throughout the camp. To see details of the format of each competition, and how winners are calculated, visit our Camp Results page and be sure to click on the ‘Camp Stats FAQs’ button for details!

20. When are the camp stats/results and photos posted online?

We send out a camp re-cap e-mail to all participants about a week after each camp (longer during busy spring/summer camp months). This e-mail includes a link to your camp results and camp photos on Facebook.

21. Students with Disabilities – Please Read!

If your student has any physical, mental, social, etc. disabilities that would negatively affect his ability to learn and participate with the group at camp, we NEED TO KNOW this before you register for camp. In some circumstances, a private lesson may be more appropriate for the student. Please CALL us before registering to discuss with the coaching staff to ensure we can accommodate your student appropriately.

22. Camp Cancellation Policy

Partial Refunds may be provided if we receive notice of cancellation 30 or more days prior to camp date. In all other cases (including last minute cancellations, no shows, etc.) there are no refunds for camp payments for any reason. However, as long as you provide us with a reasonable notice we will ‘work with you’ and typically allow you a one-time courtesy transfer of any monies paid toward a future camp in that year.

23. Weather

All camps are on rain or shine, hot or cold. In case of extreme inclement weather (severe downpour, lightning, hurricane, tornado, etc.) the coaching staff will remain in contact with you and make the best decision. If the weather does not cooperate, we can still salvage the camp and we can conduct classroom instruction, video review, and drills, fundamentals & technique, and even do some kicking & snapping indoors. We will always give it our all and know people are traveling from around the country to attend our camps and will do everything in our power to ensure you don’t get ‘gipped’ and the camp is a productive environment for your son or daughter. If for some reason we have to cancel camp due to weather or unforeseen circumstances, we will work quickly to offer the best alternative solution such as postpone or reschedule to a later date, move you to a different camp or offer a refund.