All Kicking World Camps include Field Goal, Kickoff & Punting Instruction. Many camps also include a separate snapping camp. Even if you are a field goal / kickoff kicker only, we like you to still participate and learn basic punting fundamentals at our camps (punting in the competition is optional & up to you). Likewise, if you’re primarily a punter, you should also partake in field goal & kickoff instruction with the group. More colleges are seeking ‘combo specialists’ and we think it’s important for you to know at least the basic fundamentals in a secondary skill. It will help you in the long run. However, if you are truly a ‘Punter Only‘, select Punter Only during check-out to get $100 off (1-Day) and $150 off (2-Day) camps. Punter-only campers typically arrive ~2 hours after the posted camp start time.


2-Day Camps: 9am-3pm Day 1, 1130am-430pm Day 2
1-Day Camps: 11am-330pm
Snapping Camps: 12pm-330pm
Youth Camps: 9am-1130am
National Showcase: 830am-3pm Day 1, 830am-4pm Day 2
College/Pro: 830am-3pm Day 1, 830am-4pm Day 2

*Times vary slightly for each camp, so please check the exact times on the details page of the specific camp you are interested in attending.

  • Check-In is typically ~30 minutes before each camp’s posted start time.
  • Detailed Camp Information (check-in location, daily schedule, etc.) is e-mailed to all campers approximately 3-5 days before actual camp date.

What’s the difference between a 1-Day and 2-Day Camp?

2-Day camps are more comprehensive (approximately 10 hours over 2 Days, versus 5 hours in 1 Day) and include the below bulleted list of items. Our 1-Day Camps are mostly instructional, with mini-contests throughout camp and a charted FG competition at the end. At our 2-Day camps, Day 1 is instructional with mini-contests throughout, and Day 2 is dedicated to charting FG, KO & P competitions. At BOTH camps, students have the opportunity to get evaluated for an invite to our season-ending invite-only Showcase Event and/or be added to our Hot Prospect List (based on performance). At all camps, your stats/results are posted on our website, which increases your visibility to college coaches. Regional Showcase, Invite-Only National Showcase & College/Pro events have a different format and you should reference their unique camp details page for more info.

2-Day Camps also include:

  • Lunch on Day 1
  • Field Goal review
  • 30 min Recruiting discussion (for students/parents)
  • More Drills
  • More Time on the field
  • More Competitions
  • A dedicated day of Competitions for FG, KO & P

2-Day & 1-Day Camp Itinerary

2-Day: 70% Instruction, 30% Competitions: (50% FG, 25% KO, 25% P)
1-Day: 80% Instruction, 20% Competitions: (50% FG, 25% KO, 25% P)
While our 1-Day & 2-Day camps are heavily focused on instruction/training, both camps provide a tremendous exposure element with students being evaluated for consideration to our Invite-Only National Showcase and Hot Prospect List, as well as your camp statistics/results being posted online!

*Showcase & College/Pro events have a different format and you should reference their unique camp details page for more info.

Field Goals

  • Drills for Field Goal Kicking Accuracy & Consistency
  • Field Goal Kicking Technique – form, steps, footwork
  • Impact drills for solid contact and consistent plant foot
  • Personalized Instruction throughout Field Goal kicking period
  • Field Goal Kicking Competition for awards, exposure, and bragging rights!


  • How to add 3+ yards on your kickoffs
  • Learn the ‘hurdle’ and proper follow-through
  • How to find your kickoff steps
  • Add more Hang-Time to your kickoffs
  • Learn the ‘Pop-Up Onside Kick’
  • Personalized Instruction throughout Kickoff period
  • Kickoff Competition for awards, exposure, and bragging rights!


  • PUNTERS Only $100 off (1-Day) and ($150 off) 2-Day camps
  • Punting 101 – perfect for K/P combo specialists
  • Punting Grip and Mastering the Drop
  • Punting Steps and Footwork
  • Adding Hang-Time and Distance to your punts
  • Coffin-Corner Punts, Directional Punting, Strategic Punting
  • Personalized Instruction throughout the Punting period
  • Punting Competition for awards, exposure, and bragging rights!


  • Discussion on Kicking Equipment and secrets you need to know
  • Tips for dealing with pressure & game preparation strategy
  • Learn how to practice and the ideal # of kicks daily/weekly
  • Video clips of top performers posted on social media
  • Photos uploaded online to our Facebook Page after camp!
  • Lunch (pizza) is provided for all (2-Day Camps)


  • College Football Recruiting Process – for students/parents (30 min) (2-Day Camps)
  • Competition results posted on our website
  • Camp re-cap posted on our blog and social media pages
  • Camp results and list of top performers emailed to college coaches
  • Compete for an invite to our National Showcase Event!
  • Earn a spot on our Hot Prospect List!

*Regional Showcase, Invite-Only National Showcase & College/Pro events have a different format and you should reference their unique camp details page for more info.

Youth Camp Itinerary

80% Instruction, 20% Fun Contests

  • Kicking & Punting Techniques
  • Field Goal & Kickoff Training
  • Punting Form and Hang-Time Drills
  • Maximize Your Accuracy & Distance
  • Improve Your Strength, Speed & Flexibility
  • Learn How to Thrive Under Pressure
  • Fun Competitions with Prizes!
  • Photos uploaded online after camp!

Snapping Camp Itinerary

80% Instruction, 20% Competitions

  • Short & Long Snapping Instruction
  • Small-Group Drills and Techniques
  • Long Snapping Speed & Accuracy
  • Being Consistent and How to Block
  • Short Snapping Perfect Laces
  • Live Snaps with Punters
  • Snap Times recorded/charted
  • Snapping competition for awards & recognition

*Invite-Only National Showcase & College/Pro events have a different format and you should reference their unique camp details page for more info.