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How We Nominate

To be nominated to the Kicking World All-America Team, students must have attended Kicking World camp(s) and/or Kicking World private lessons in the last 12 months and have ‘proof’ of all in-game statistics accompanied by video. All students selected to the Kicking World All-America Team have been personally evaluated in person by Coach Brent and the Kicking World staff. We have established a detailed process to select the All-America team which includes the following criteria, listed in order of weight:

  1. Student’s in-season statistical performance
  2. Season Longevity (streaks, consistency, reliability)
  3. School Records & League Honors
  4. Clutch Performances, Player of the Games, etc.
  5. Sound technique & fundamentals

Selection Process

In December of each year, we send out an ‘All-America Team Nomination’ email blast which is where you will have the opportunity to submit your stats and season highlight video for consideration. We spend weeks going through the nominations and it’s a very difficult process in having to eliminate many outstanding kickers and punters. We review hundreds of e-mails, videos, statistics, newspapers, websites & more to narrow the selection process even further. We keep the honors exclusive to the absolute best kickers and punters that we personally have seen and coached. All the students selected for our team are in the upper echelon of several, if not all of the above-mentioned criteria. Being selected is by no means a popularity contest or built around favoritism. Being selected to our team shows we acknowledge these students as being outstanding specialists for that season.


To those who do not make the list, it does not mean you are a bad kicker or punter! Realize this is tough on us and we hate not being able to honor everyone. There are so many awesome kickers and punters we’ve had the pleasure to train each year. Just remember, keep working hard and make yourself eligible for next year! We hope to see you at camp!

What It Means

Being a Kicking World All-America kicker or punter is not like any other All-Conference, All-League, All-America, etc. team. To be nominated means you are the best of the best specialists across the entire country. We get many submissions from our own coaches and students, parents, and their team’s coaches and only the very top make the cut. Congratulations to all our Kicking World All-Americans!