• $49 /month
  • Monthly Training Tips e-mail
  • Recruiting Guidance
  • Unlimited E-mail Q&A
  • Quick Video Feedback
  • Priority Lesson Booking
  • 30% off Virtual Lessons!

  • $99 /month
  • Monthly Training Tips e-mail
  • Recruiting Guidance
  • Unlimited E-mail Q&A
  • Unlimited Text Q&A
  • Phone/Facetime Q&A
  • Quick Video Feedback
  • Priority Lesson Booking
  • Includes 1 Virtual Lesson a month!
  • 50% off additional Virtual Lessons!

Year-Round Guidance for Improved Confidence & Results!

Unprecedented Access to Coach Brent & Exclusive Perks for monthly subscribers!

Did you know that most professional athletes have a year-round coach who helps train, guide & mentor them? It’s time for YOU to have your very own private Kicking World coach to help you along your path to achieving perfection in your kicking or punting game. Since we can’t be in every city & state at once, and we know you all love training with Coach Brent and Kicking World, we created these special packages to help reach more students on a more consistent basis and get you the training & guidance you need and deserve; year-round!

See What Others Say!

“So worth it! Coach Brent has gone above and beyond in helping me during the recruiting process, and he always takes my calls and gives me great advice. His creative recruiting strategies have really helped make a difference in the amount of offers I’ve received.” -John Harrison, Dallas, TX

“Brent has been a tremendous asset to our son Dillon throughout his HS career. He reviews his form and sends back useful tips and suggestions to help him improve. Dillon has become a much more confident kicker because of Coach Brent’s instruction & advice.” -Kim Johnson, Omaha, NE

“The monthly investment with Kicking World has been well worth the peace of mind Brent and his staff instill in my son’s kicking game. His confidence is through the roof and we’re really proud of his improvement!” -Robert Fairchin, Clifton, NJ

What Membership Perks Are Included?

You’ll get unprecedented access to Coach Brent who will be available for YOU year-round, not just at a camp or lesson, but whenever you need his help! He’ll help keep you accountable & motivated as you track toward reaching your goals. Monthly training packages include:

Monthly Training Tips: All members will receive an exclusive monthly training tips e-mail from Coach Brent with straight-forward advice & premium content, only available to members!

Recruiting Guidance: Coach Brent will help you structure & tweak the content of your e-mails to college coaches and show you tips & strategies to help increase your replies. You’ll learn which coaches to contact and how to find their information, and creative ways to communicate with them.

E-mail Q&A: 48 Hours response time to questions you have about on & off-field training, game preparation, practice-planning, recruiting advice, making adjustments, gym workouts, stretches, injury prevention & more! Just don’t ask Coach Brent for help with your math home work : )

Text Q&A: More rapid responses for quick questions or advice. Premium Only!

Phone/Facetime Q&A: Occasional Consulting, Feedback, Advice & Recommendations via a phone call or Facetime. Premium Only!

Priority Lesson Booking: All members get first choice of lesson times & priority consideration when Brent books his travel & local private lesson time slots.

Quick Video Feedback: If you’re making a highlight video and need feedback on it, have Coach Brent watch it and then respond with some suggestions to help perfect it. Or if you want to share a recent clip from a game or practice, have Coach Brent take a quick look at it and see how you’re doing.

*Virtual Lesson: Premium Members get (1) Virtual Lesson included per month and all members get discounted virtual lessons. Virtual lessons are a huge value and you will learn so much about your form, technique, fundamentals & what and how to improve. Send 2 clips of your field goals or kickoffs or punts per each virtual lesson requested (see link above for details on how to send and what angles to include), and within 3 days you’ll have a very detailed video analysis with voice, annotations and on-screen drawing done by Coach Brent, just as if he was out on the field with you. Doing this regularly will really help take your game to the next level.

Discounted Virtual Lessons: Basic members get 30% off virtual lessons & Premium members get 50% off any additional virtual lessons!


Common Questions

Can I cancel, upgrade, or downgrade later?

You bet! – Kicking World training packages are a monthly service and you can cancel, upgrade, or downgrade at any time. If you cancel, you will still have use of the service for the remainder of that month, but the plan will not renew the following month.

How do the payments work?

Your credit card or PayPal account will be charged automatically every month. You are not locked into any contracts, and can cancel at any time.

Which payment methods do you accept?

We take payments through credit card or PayPal. During checkout you can quickly and easily pay via PayPal which allows you to charge any major credit card, or your PayPal account, and you will automatically be billed monthly, similar to any typical gym membership.

After I Start, Can I change my Payment Method?

Absolutely! If you need to update the card on file for your monthly billing, you may login to your account at KickingWorld.com at any time and modify your payment method. Of course, if you ever have any issues you can contact us for help!

Can I ever ‘Pause’ my Subscription?

Yes, while your training package is best used in a year-round manner, we understand sometimes things come up and you may need to temporarily freeze your subscription. You will be allowed to do it no questions asked, once per year, for up to 4 months at a time, and your price will not change upon re-start. After 4 months of a dormant subscription, you would need to re-purchase a training package at the current pricing plan.

How do I Manage my Subscription Plan?

At any time, you my login to your account at KickingWorld.com to update your billing & shipping information, change your payment method, or even upgrade, downgrade or pause your subscription.

When am I charged?

You’ ll be charged as soon as you start your plan, and then each month thereafter. If you ever have a special request and would like the date to be changed to a specific date each month to coincide with your bills, just call us and we’ll be happy to help set that up.

Do My Credits carry over each Month?

You are allotted a certain amount of each feature, based on the subscription plan you select. For instance, in our Premium plan, if you don’t use your virtual lesson one month, you can’t ‘double-up’ the next month. Premium plans also come with unlimited e-mail, text & phone guidance, wow!

What happens if I cancel my Subscription?

You can cancel and re-start your subscription at any time. Pricing plans may change and we cannot promise you will receive the same price upon re-start of your plan. You are however allowed to ‘pause’ your plan for up to 4 months, 1 time per year, and stay at the same rate upon re-start.

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