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Get Coach Brent’s help on the recruiting process for kickers & punters in a 30 minute Recruiting Guidance phone call. Simply pay for quantity 1 of this product (30 min) or quantity 2 (1 full hour) then shoot him a text at 512-817-1333 to schedule your call! Most calls can take place within 3 business days of payment. The most common availability for the call is between 10:00am-8:00pm CST Monday to Thursday and on non-camp weekends. This product is geared toward high school kickers & punters in 10-12 grade as well as their parents.

You will get to choose a few of the suggested topics of discussion listed below in the bullet points as well as ask a few questions not listed. We will not be able to cover every bullet point listed below, so please either have an agenda of key topics that you’re interested in, or Coach Brent can lead the call with the most commonly asked questions and provide the most suitable guidance to make the time as helpful as possible. If you’d like to cover more topics or ask more questions, you may schedule a second call or extend the call for an additional 30 minute service based on availability.

Coach Brent will provide a specific strategy in the recruiting process that has helped our students make it from high school onto various levels of college and even professionally. Since 2008 Brent has been helping his students perfect their form & fundamentals and also place them into college. We’re fortunate to have helped hundreds go on to college.

Before purchasing this service please do understand that less than ~5% of high school football players make it to any level of college football. So while it’s nice to have dreams & big aspirations there must also be some level of reality. If your form, distance, accuracy, and general ability are not on par with a college-recruitable student-athlete then this call would be in vain. Also, if you don’t have decent enough grades you may not even get accepted into college. You need to first make sure you have the ability, the grades, and the determination before you even bother thinking about the recruiting process. We will not conduct this call with any students or parents of students below the freshman year of high school; it’s simply too early to be thinking about that stuff in middle school or younger.

Recruiting Tips Topics:

  • Who do I contact on the college football team?
  • How do I find contact info for the coaches?
  • What to write/say when communicating with coaches
  • Using social media effectively to be seen & reach coaches
  • Learn Coach Brent’s ‘5 prongs to recruiting’
  • How to make effective highlight videos
  • How to record practice & game film
  • How to track your game stats
  • All about University/College kicking camps and which ones you should attend
  • The kickoff & punt distance/hang-time averages needed for each level of college
  • Understanding the Rankings, Showcases, and Exposure jargon in the kicking camp industry
  • Common misconceptions of what an ‘Offer’ actually means
  • Scholarships vs PWO vs Walk-On
  • What is a Redshirt?
  • What can I do if I’m at a smaller school and not getting much attention?
  • What can I do if I haven’t had many in-game opportunities?
  • When is a good time to start the recruiting process?
  • Common pitfalls to avoid
  • Help with narrowing down my school selection
  • Answers to frequently asked questions by students & parents
  • and more!

This recruiting tips & guidance phone call by default is led by Coach Brent in a live lecture format and is very much like the Recruiting Talk we do at our 2-Day camps, or you may opt to lead the call in a more question-and-answer format. Either way, you should learn new information to help you in your recruiting efforts. Coach Brent will provide answers to commonly asked recruiting questions specific to kickers and punters that many KW students and their parents have asked over the years.

Note: the phone call, voice conversation, and any information discussed during the call is considered privileged and should not be shared with anyone outside your household. It may not be recorded nor shared on the internet, social media, or with any other students, families, schools, camps, or coaches.

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