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Have Coach Brent (or another Kicking World coach if you prefer) review your football kicking, punting or snapping technique virtually. This is a virtual kicking lesson aka video analysis of your kicking form. Preferred method: Record your video in Slo Mo (on an iPhone or iPad) and Share it via iMessage to 512-817-1333 (it won’t work with a text on an Android as it gets pixelated/blurry). Alternatively you may share your video with Coach Brent via a Dropbox or Google Drive link to brent (at) Include 2 to 3 total kicks or punts (practice footage is ideal; see below for views needed). Your coach will provide a professional video analysis (with voice-over and on-screen drawing) and a personalized assessment. This is the closest thing to an on-field private kicking lesson with a Kicking World coach!

Example Virtual Lesson

You will learn:
* Your strengths & weaknesses
* Suggestions for correction/improvement
* How to increase your power and distance
* How to increase your accuracy and technique

You should have 3 field goals or 3 kickoffs or 3 punts (1 front, 1 side & 1 rear view)

What clips/angles to include?
* 1 Rear view (kicking away from camera, show ball flight on rear view, filmed 5 to 8 yards away)
* 1 Side view (kicking leg side, steps/impact/follow-through, no ball flight, filmed 3 to 5 yards away)
* 1 Front view (kicking toward camera, steps/impact/follow-through, no ball flight, filmed 5 to 8 yards away)

A virtual kicking lesson will help improve your form, technique, accuracy, and power! Each $100 payment is for one skill only (i.e. field goals or kickoffs or punts). With our Premium monthly subscription package you get (1) virtual lesson included per month and with both the Premium and Basic plan you get discounted virtual lessons (discount applies automatically during checkout for current subscribers). For a 1-time video review purchase, add this item to your cart and check-out, and then share your video with Coach Brent via a Dropbox or Google Drive link to brent (at) or if you have an iOS device, Share it via iMessage to 512-817-1333 (it won’t work with a text on an Android as it gets pixelated/blurry). Coach Brent’s e-mail is brent (at) or you may email your specific KW coach directly). Your virtual kicking lesson will take place within 2-3 business days after payment and submitting your video and we’ll share with you the completed videos for review via email.

4 reviews for Virtual Lesson

  1. Chad Lynn (verified owner)

    Bryan Lynn, 12 years old, Eufaula, OK (Father) After virtual lessons with Coach Brent my son now has the audio and visual information that he needs to understand the mechanics behind a good kicking technique – but the cool thing is that it is personally tailored to my son’s ability and body language. We live in a rural area and it can be difficult to find individual kicking/punting coaching without traveling several hours away……. The virtual lesson is definitely a great option for traveling restraints and one-on-one coaching.

  2. Alex Bates

    Coach Brent, First let me say you are amazing! I did what you told me too and now my kicks are 2-3 times as high and are going a lot farther!

  3. Sam Horn

    I started out punting about a year ago and realized I needed someone to coach me who had previous experience and a good resume. Coach Brent was the ideal candidate. Since I live in Washington, I received feedback and analysis from Coach Brent via a virtual lesson. It was the best decision I’ve made in my punting career! Now, I know that I can start on my college football team, PLU, thanks to Coach Brent. His feedback gave me a lot of great ideas to focus on and I really appreciate the time he gave me when he followed up with me with a phone call. I would recommend Coach Brent to any up and coming kicker/punter who needs help on refining their ability. Thanks Coach Brent and I wish you the best!

  4. Tom Jackson

    I appreciate your time and detail you put into my son’s video analysis. Being on the east coast it is not cheap for me to fly my son out to California but the $ I spent on your video analysis was by far my best purchase this summer. Thanks and I will update you with Matt’s progress.

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