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Buck Buchanan - HS Class of 2022 Kicker/Punter Prospect

Buck Buchanan

Class of 2022 Kicker/Punter

SAT: 1240, ACT: n/a, GPA: 5.344
Marshall HS
Longview, TX
Louisiana Tech (Offer), Air Force (Offer), SMU (PWO Offer), Yale (Offer), Baylor, Rice, Army, Texas A&M
Louisiana Tech

Buck grew a ton since his sophomore year and is almost unrecognizable now. He’s mature, physically fit, and a lot taller/muscular. He has a big leg and hits an excellent flight on his field goals and kickoffs and is one of the best kickers in the country.

04/11/21 Update: Buck is FBS D1 ready to go! He had a dominating performance at our April 10-11, 2021 Dallas, TX. He tied a long-standing camp record of 65 Yards. He also won both days’ kickoff competitions in convincing fashion with bombs over 75 yards / 4.25+ second hand time balls. He’s a good student and is a 4x National Showcase invitee who has proven he’s ready for big time college football!!

He was one of the youngest students on our List making it going into his freshman year. Buck was one of only 3 freshmen invited to our 2018 National Showcase and he did well. Buck hit a clutch overtime game-winning field goal on 9/14/19. He was unfortunately sidelined for our 2019 National Showcase with a lower back disk/hernia injury, but a witness to his massive gains in strength/size is fully recovered.

2020 Season Recap
Buck’s turned into a tremendous punter, in-game when it counts hitting multiple balls over 58 yards in the air in the 4.5 seconds plus hang time range. He also has a big kickoff leg and is one of our top K/P combo specialists for the Class of 2022

2020 National Showcase Update (12/6/20)
Buck had a good 2020 National Showcase landing in the Top 10 of over 80 participants in the Day 2 Kickoff Elimination competition. On Day 1 he would’ve been in the Top 10 if it weren’t for 2 mishits that killed his average. Buck has a very big leg and if he can really hone in his overall consistency – being able to replicate his best foot to ball contact / precise strikes more often he could/should be a viable D1 recruit. He can also punt well, and hit some bombs during the weekend, but does need to improve consistency there too. Watch the Live broadcast replay and read the thorough event recap.

  • 2021 Kicking World National Showcase invitee
  • 2021 Kicking World Dallas TX Kickoff Competition Winner
  • 2021 Kicking World Dallas TX Kickoff Elimination Winner
  • 2021 Kicking World Dallas TX Golden Boot Champion*
  • *Tied camp Record 65 Yard FG on 04/11/21
  • 2020 Kicking World All-American
  • 2020 5A All-State Punter (Hon Mention)
  • 2020 1st Team All-District Kicker
  • 2019 1st Team All-District Punter
  • 2020 Kicking World National Showcase Punt Elimination #9 Overall
  • 2020 Kicking World National Showcase attendee
  • 2019 Kicking World National Showcase attendee
  • 2019 Varsity Special Teams MVP
  • 2019 Honorable Mention All-District Kicker
  • 2018 Kicking World National Showcase attendee
Field Goals Extra Points Kickoffs Punts
2020 5 9 1 56% 24 28 29 0 97% 30 20 67% 41 1278 56 41.4 17 4
2019 2 4 2 50% 36 15 16 0 94% 27 3 11% 33 1124 53 41.3 30.4 8 0
2018 1 1 0 100% 26 18 21 0 86% 23 8 35%


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