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On Tuesday night, January 5, 2016, Coach Brent Grablachoff released the 2015 Kicking World All-America Team, comprised of the best kickers & punters in the nation for the 2015 […]

The 2015 Kicking World Invite-Only Showcase brought close to 50 of the country’s best prep kickers & punters from 15 states to beautiful San Diego, CA on Saturday […]

Thanks to the awesome students and parents who attended the 2015 Showcase for these wonderful video testimonials. We truly appreciate your kind words and testimonials for Kicking World camps.

Watch the 2015 Kicking World Invite-Only Showcase Event LIVE on YouTube on Sunday, December 6 from 10:30am-3:30pm (PST) filmed from Mission Bay HS in San Diego, CA. This event […]

Tips for Kickers and Punters Dealing with Wet/Rainy/Cold Weather: Be cautious with your plant foot. Think flat-footed plant on wet grass versus heel to toe. If you Charlie […]

With so many choices of footballs these days, it can be mind-boggling for a new kicker, punter or parent to purchase the right football. In this article you […]