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UNM Kicker #2 in FBS Kickoffs for Touchbacks (92%)

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Jason Sanders is #2 in the FBS for kickoff/touchback ratio with 92%. The New Mexico Lobos have a weapon in Sanders' kickoff leg.

Jason Sanders has been consistently in the top 5 of all kickers in college football for touchback/kickoff ratio the last 2 seasons. Through 10/22/16 Sanders is hanging steady as the #2 best college football kickoff specialist with a whopping 92% touchbacks on 45/49 kickoffs.

Jason started training with Kicking World during his HS sophomore year while he set many school records at Villa Park HS in Orange, CA. Jason exhibited a superior leg in high school and was ultimately offered a full-scholarship to University of New Mexico in February of his senior year. It’s proved to be a wise move by Lobo Football as their opponents have been hard-pressed to even consider a kickoff return but only 4 times this season.

What helps make Jason Sanders so dominant at kickoffs?

  • Lightning fast leg
  • Precise foot to ball contact
  • Duplicable kickoff process
  • Powerful follow-through
  • High hang-time

Additionally, Jason watches slow-motion videos of his practices daily. He studies his form & technique and constantly makes revisions to optimize the end result. Jason keeps me in the loop throughout the year and we do virtual lessons for tune-ups and train together during breaks said Coach Brent Grablachoff.

“His focus on constantly improving his craft has helped him maintain longevity as a kicker.”

NFL Draft Outlook
The junior kicker has several college football games remaining, but experts can’t help but talk about potential NFL opportunities in the near future. Even with the National Football League constantly tinkering with kickoffs, based on historic NFL kickoff metrics, most teams could find a use for Sanders’ kickoff leg. Jason can routinely kick the ball off with 4.10+ second hang-times with matching 74+ yard distances. Because of his strong kickoff hang-time ability, he could opt to hit a 4.5+ hang-time kickoff and drop it just before the goal line (68-69 yards kicked from the 35) forcing the kickoff team to return the ball. This could help more aggressive NFL kickoff coverage units gain even better field position when they choose to gamble with the high hanging strategic kickoff. Only time will tell…
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Main Photo courtesy of @nm_photo_ on Instagram
Statistics courtesy of @cfbstats on Twitter