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I’ve tried several football kicking nets over the years and quite frankly was disappointed or moderately pleased at best up until the last couple years. Back in my […]

TIPS ON BREAKING IN NEW KICKING FOOTBALLS Inflate your new football to 13 PSI for 2 weeks of kicking 3-4x a week. After 8 sessions, they should begin […]

With so many choices of footballs these days, it can be mind boggling for a new kicker, punter or parent to purchase the right football. In this article […]

I shot this video to demystify the process of choosing the right kicking tee and also help debunk several ideas held by many high school kickers, their parents […]

(UPDATED July 1, 2017) When I was in high school I spent hours researching kicking cleats trying to find what the best kicking shoe is and figure out […]

Starting this weekend I’ll be using Spalding J5V ADVANCE Footballs for all my kicking lessons and kicking camp students in 9th grade and up. They are the official […]

I just bought all of my new equipment for 2008 from Mike at I thought I’d share you pictures of my football camp and football lesson equipment and […]