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How to Break in a New Kicking Football

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Tips on how to break in a new kicking football. This will help make your leather softer and enable you to kick the ball further.


  • Inflate your new football to 13 PSI for 2 weeks of kicking 3-4x a week.
  • After 8 sessions, they should begin to break in.
  • Then take out 1.5-2.0 PSI of air to make them 11.5 to 11.0 PSI and you will start hitting bombs.

I have learned over the years that over-inflating them or pushing them to the max the first few sessions helps the football to expand a bit more. Then when you take out the air and keep it at 11-11.5 PSI year-round, it has more of a bounce effect and the balls feel much softer.

We recommend the Wilson 1001 Football for all middle school, high school, and college kickers and punters. It is an awesome kicking football! And the official NFL Football is the Wilson ‘Duke’.