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What Have You Learned About the College Football Recruiting Process?

In One Sentence…

In college football recruiting, ultimately it comes down to how hard you want to work and how much time you will invest in contacting coaches about you.

I asked our Class of 2016 senior kickers and punters “What have you learned about the College Football recruiting Process; in one sentence?” Their answers were not surprising to me, but for a kicker or punter or parents or coach embarking on this journey for the first time, this information is good food for thought. The common theme as you’ll see is that ultimately, your success is up to you. You can forge as many relationships as you’d like and have many people helping you, but in the end, if you’re not putting in the time and effort, very little will transpire. Over the last decade of coaching specialists, our most successful recruits have been the ones who invested their weekend nights and weekday nights after football, homework, family time & part-time jobs proactively marketing themselves. You can be the best kicker and punter in the world, but if no one knows about you, what good is it? Learn some simple tips from our Class of 2016 recruits below:

“What have you learned about the College Football recruiting Process; in one sentence?”

‘This is a very proactive process; not a passive one, and if you want results, you’re going to have to put the time in to make it happen.”
Shea Underwood, Georgia Tech

“It’s up to you as a recruit to get your name out to college coaches through countless emails, phone calls and social media messages.’
Collin Riccitelli, Stanford

‘It’s very much like a business and it requires patience, clear communication and good manners to get results.’
Nick Van Valkenburg, Fresno State

‘It was very exciting at times and you can’t get discouraged because offers don’t usually come in until later in your senior year.’
Jake Ward, Nevada

‘It’s very exciting, but there are lots of highs and lows and you must manage your emotions throughout it all.’
Pat Davis, Pace

‘You just need to find that one coach you click with, and once you do, everything seems to fit in place.’
Mehran Roshanei, Hampton

‘It’s a long process that takes time and you just have to be patient.’
Brandon Cunningham, Angelo State

We talk at length about the following topics (and more) during the recruiting discussion at Kicking World 2-Day camps:

  • How do you first get noticed by a college coach?
  • After interest develops, how do you stand out from other kickers & punters?
  • What do you write to college coaches to attract them to you?
  • How do you find college coaches contact information?
  • How do you put together a kicking highlight video?

For more college football recruiting tips, visit our Recruiting page. Need expert advice & guidance on the recruiting process and help getting your name out there to college coaches? Check out our monthly subscription plans to get unprecedented access to Coach Brent. 

**The school mentioned next to each quotee is not an endorsement or quotation by that institution. The school listed is simply the institution that student has committed to attend and play football for.