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Tips For Kicking in Foul Weather

Coach Brent unveils many useful tips for kicking on a rainy or cold day. These kicking tips will surely boost your confidence the next time you kick!

Tips for Kickers and Punters Dealing with Wet/Rainy/Cold Weather:

1. Be cautious with your plant foot.
2. Think Flat flooted plant on wet grass versus heel to toe.
3. If you Charlie Brown/Fall too much on the wet surface, consider ‘One Stepping’ your PATs (normally you never change your form/process – but OK to make adjustments in extreme weather).
4. Get a ‘muff bag’ and put hand warmers in it to keep your hands warm, especially for Punters.
5. Get Toe Warmers that stick on to the insole of your cleats (thank me later)!
6. Always check the wind and adjust your aim accordingly.
7. Let the coach know before the game – your realistic range on FGs and your ‘Max’ distance so he knows if it’s a close call whether to kick or punt/go for it (be honest and don’t oversell the distance).
8. Ask the official/referee to move the Extra Point spot to a better patch of grass. You are typically allowed to move the ball between the hashes for PATs!
9. Most likely you will have Slightly more time on your punts because the defense can’t run as fast. But the ball will be wet, slippery and heavy. Focus on simple fundamentals – catch it (look ball into hands with your eyes), smooth short/medium sized steps, good drop and do your best getting off a halfway decent punt.
10. Get a waterproof large jacket or coat to wear over your pads on the sidelines (may seem dorky, but you won’t be wet and frozen).
11. Stretch/stay loose often!
12. Kick a few balls out on the field at halftime.
13. Make the best of the conditions and stay Positive!

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