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Matt Beirne (K)

Brent, Thanks for the lessons for my son, Matt. He learned a great deal from you in a short period of time. I couldn’t believe the amount of information and instruction we got in only an hour and a half. With a little practice, he hopes to help his high school team in the kicking game. I also want to thank you for letting me listen in on your instructions on the kicking game. I know a lot of what you told us will be instrumental in helping our kickers at Rockhurst for the upcoming season. The onside kick that you showed us will definitely be part of our special teams package. I would recommend to anyone wanting to learn about the kicking game that they contact you and to those more experienced to work with you on their kicking skills. We came all the way from the Midwest and it was well worth it, I only wish you were located a little closer, so we could work with you more often. I have included a Sports Illustrated article about our athletic program. Also, enjoy the bar-b-que, Kansas City bar-b-que rules.