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Joshua Riley (K)

In my son’s youth league, a kicked PAT is worth 2 points; so we had Joshua start kicking early on in 4th grade to help earn more points for his team. He was maxing out around 25 yards at the time. I found Coach Brent when my son was in 5th grade and he immediately started kicking 5 yards further! By 7th grade, he was making 40 yard FGs and his kickoffs were inside the 20 yard line, with reputable hang-time. We just concluded his 8th grade season and now he is solid from 45 yards and in, and can even hit a 50 yard FG on his good kicks; and kickoffs are inside the 10, wow! You can try to watch YouTube videos or provide your own coaching, even if you were a HS kicker (like I was), but until you take your child to Coach Brent, I don’t believe you will see your child’s true potential. Brent helped create a repeatable technique and it boosted Joshua’s confidence and overall results on the field. My son is now ready to earn the starting Varsity spot as a freshman this season. Thank You Coach Brent!