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Jackson Hubbard (K/P)

jackson hubbard punter

I can honestly say that Coach Brent developed me into a Division 1 kicker on the field and then used his connections to ensure I was recruited. After attending my first camp, I knew something was different about Brent and his staff.

First, they know how to coach kicking and punting at the highest level, as the level of instruction is beyond incredible. Kicking World knows how to scale the coaching to the level of the athlete, which means that anyone from a middle schooler to a college/NFL athlete can benefit from Kicking World.

Besides the football aspects of Kicking World, Brent and his coaches sincerely care about each individual person. Brent, Jesse and the staff routinely ask about your family and other personal details, and Brent leads camps in a professional, personable, and fun manner. This results in Kicking World knowing each student by their name and their story, instead of just another camper at a massive event.