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Pain Relieving Creams That Work

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Pain Relieving Creams That Work

I get asked a lot about over the counter muscle rubs that will help alleviate aches, pain, soreness, etc. As kickers and punters, you know your body takes a beating, especially in the hip and leg area. Also, if you workout a lot and train heavy in the gym with weights, you may have noticed other areas hurting such as your shoulders and back.

I have tried virtually every product out there from over the counter rubs and balms to doctor prescribed anti-inflammatory drugs. I’ve learned quite a bit over the years from trial and error and I I’d like to share with you what’s worked for me, and maybe it will help you.

Tandem Approach

This 4 part approach above has provided me significant relief from various aches and pains and even tendinitis symptoms. Penetrex is the best rub I have found and I’ve tried over 10 different kinds. I feel it really gets deep into my joints and muscles and provides a longer term solution versus just masking the pain. It’s even helped me feel better after some major neck and shoulder injuries and even seems to help my knuckles and finger joint which I believe are pre-carpal tunnel from over use (typing) on my computer and mobile phone!

In addition to the creme (which by the way does not stink bad like the rest and is not greasy), I would take 2 Aleve in the morning (it would last me all through school, class or a work day) and into practice or weight training. I would ice the affected area 2 times a night for 20 minutes to help bring down inflammation. I would rub Penetrex (can be bought at on the injured area once in the morning, once before activity and once at night before sleep for at least 3 consecutive weeks. I would also implement a scaled down version of whatever I was doing that caused injury in the first place.

If your injury is from over-kicking, you should simply kick less or take a few days off. If it’s from working out in the gym, maybe give yourself a couple weeks off from doing ‘shoulders’ or ‘back’ or whatever body part is hurting you. Many people think they can continue their normal routine and just ‘suck it up’ but unfortunately many times that will create a nagging issue that never seems to heal up. There’s no shame in taking a week or two off to properly rest and let you body heal!

Now if you have a one-time flare up, say from over-kicking one day or throwing too many balls as a QB or baseball player, you may need some ‘quick relief’ and more of a ‘masking’ type of solution. I’ve found that Icy Hot is one of the best rubs for that. Man, the stuff wreaks and is so strong but it helps you by masking the pain temporarily to help you get through a practice or game. But I have not found it effective at curing or reducing the issue long term, it just masks it temporarily.

*Special Note
Please do not construe my writing here as an official doctor prescription, because it’s not. I’m simply discussing processes that have worked with me and maybe it will help you too. I believe attacking muscle aches, pains, soreness, etc. from 4 different angles is the best way to neutralize an over-use injury before it gets worse.

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