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Off-Season Kicking Tips

Coach Brent share's kicking & workout tips to help you transition your kicking game this off-season.

The worst thing you can do is take winter and spring completely off from kicking/punting and then somehow expect to be at a high level at the start of your football season. You don’t want to over-do it, but you certainly don’t want to go completely dormant for 4 or 5 months. It’s not a terrible idea however to take one or two months off around mid-December to early February to revive your mind and body after a long football season.

  1. Kick at least 2x a week during the winter to stay fresh (if you have extreme weather or severe cold, try to at least do some dry swings (form/motion with no ball) and indoor kicking, punting, or snapping into a kicking net.
  2. Stretch DAILY! 6-8x a day, 5-10 minutes a time… in the morning in the shower, before gym class, after gym class, before football practice, after football practice, after you shower, before you eat dinner, after you do your homework, and before you go to bed.
  3. Build up your leg strength and improve your hip/groin, core & balance this off-season. Free weights, balance drills (using a Bosu Ball and/or stability ball), hanging leg raises / knee lifts for your hip flexors & low abs, and doing single-leg strength exercises are terrific ways to develop your kicking leg for next season. Check out our @KickingWorld Instagram and YouTube channels as we post several helpful videos there. Reference Coach Brent’s Kicking DVD and Punting DVD (Disc 2 includes a complete kicker/punter specific gym training course).
  4. Start planning and creating goals for next season. You can’t expect to be successful if you don’t lay out a game-plan to help reach your goals. List 4 or 5 individual and team goals, and bullet out things you will do to accomplish each goal. Give each goal a deadline and hold yourself accountable to hit them.
  5. Email College Coaches (HS seniors/juniors/sophomores and college transfers). Most coaches are super hectic/busy during the season, but after all the bowl games are over, they are back in recruiting mode, which is NOW! Be sure to include your highlight video link or recruiting profile, and contact info. If you’re a KW Hot Prospect you would simply include your profile link which has everything they need.

Reference our Recruiting page for simple and useful tips of the dos and donts of creating a kicking highlight video and search this Blog for more insightful articles and ‘How To’ tips. Also, be sure to follow our Instagram (@KickingWorld) stories.