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Meet Landon Reeves, The Newest Kicker at Texas Tech

Learn about the long road Landon Reeves took from small-town Idalou, Texas to moving 800 miles west to Surprise, Arizona to play college football on scholarship at OUAZ. After a phenomenal 2 seasons setting NAIA kicking records, he earned a much-deserved opportunity to transfer to the Division 1 football level. Today he takes his leg back to Lubbock, Texas, a mere 10 minutes from home, with his eyes set on kicking off for the Texas Tech Red Raiders this fall.

We caught up with long-time & loyal Kicking World student Landon Reeves to discuss his thoughts after his official first day as a Texas Tech Red Raider football player. Learn about his long journey from small-town Idalou, Texas to moving 800 miles west to Surprise, Arizona to play college football on scholarship at OUAZ. After a phenomenal 2 seasons setting NAIA kicking records, he earned a much-deserved opportunity to transfer to the Division 1 football level. He took his leg back to Lubbock, Texas, a mere 10 minutes from home, now with his eyes set on kicking off for the Texas Tech Red Raiders this fall. Enjoy the following interview of Landon Reeves conducted by me – Coach Brent, owner & head coach of Kicking World – loaded with great information and tips on training, self-improvement, and the importance of never giving up on your dreams.

Interview with Landon Reeves
OUAZ Kicker / Transfer to Texas Tech University

How did you get into kicking?
In 7th grade, I started playing football and I was not sure what position if any, I wanted to play. I loved playing soccer but our HS did not have a soccer team. Before the second day of practice I ran home and called my mom to tell her I was quitting football, my mom told me “no you are not, as we don’t quit as Reeves” she told me to get to practice immediately, which I did. When I showed up late with my cleats, one of the coaches knew I played soccer and asked me if I wanted to try to be a kicker for the team. That was where it all started. After that, my mom made phone calls to find me a coach and she got me started with Kicking World in Dallas.

Tell me about your best memory of HS Football or any one specific game that stands out in your career.
One game that stood out to me during my school years was actually the All-Star game I played in. The ASCO All-Star game was played in Lubbock, TX. In the game I went 2/2 on field goals (50 & 47 yards), 100% on touchbacks, and I got to play with some of the best players in the area and it was televised.

What other sports did you play in HS?
Soccer, Basketball, Track, Cross Country

What’s your favorite school subject? And least?
Favorite – English and Least – Math

What ultimately led you to enroll at Ottawa University at Arizona (an NAIA school)?
When I went for my official visit I liked the coaches (Coach Nesbitt was from West Texas) the campus was new and I thought the look of the desert was pretty cool. Also, they offered me a good scholarship which helped take some of the burden off of my family.

Tell me about your experience at Ottawa and the coaching staff?
Ottawa was a great experience. I learned that to play college football I needed to be more disciplined with my time and studies. I found the coaches to be tough but fair. I also learned that I had to work at each practice to keep my spot on the team.

What will you miss at OUAZ? The coaching staff as they always took care of the football team. I felt as if I was part of a family. The school administration is very friendly and remembers your name which was great.

Were you being recruited by any D1 schools out of high school?
Yes, Texas Tech was recruiting me and I even went on a game day visit and got to see the campus and athletic facilities. I sat in the front row and had a feeling one day I’d be playing there. The staff changed and things fell through the cracks but thankfully after putting in 2 good years of stats and getting my grades up, it all worked out in the end for me to come back home.

What are some of the reasons you think you ended up going to a smaller school?
I grew up in a small town and attended a small 3A high school and Ottawa had the same small-town atmosphere. Plus I really connected with the coaching staff and players during my visit.

What are some of the main reasons you wanted to transfer?
To be closer to my family.

Did you miss home / your family?
Yes, I missed having my family at my games. It was very difficult for my family to make my home games in Arizona and I was pretty homesick. I’d definitely recommend it to any kicking recruits to make sure they spend some time thinking if they want to live close to home, far away, or somewhere in between.

Talk about trusting the process and what it means and what you did both in regards to kicking, training, and ultimately making the jump from HS to NAIA to FBS…
TRUST the process always!! I can say it was not always easy as there were times I wanted to do it my way or just sit and watch TV, but I knew if I listened to my coaches and followed Kicking World’s advice I had a better chance of reaching my goals. I found that their guidance and tips both with kicking technique and recruiting made the process easier. I spent countless hours practicing, watching videos, and listening to positive mentors. I even worked with a sports psychologist, in the beginning, to help with my thoughts and to overcome my over-thinking of my mistakes in the games. Learning the process early on helped me go from HS to playing NAIA. College Football is definitely more challenging than HS Football and having a process in place to follow and having built relationships with my coaches definitely helped me overcome the challenges of playing at a higher level. I do believe that I would not have been given the opportunity to play at an FBS school without following the process. It’s so important not to give up! I’m very thankful to Coach Nesbitt and the entire staff at OUAZ for allowing me to transfer to a Division 1 school close to home, and for being awesome coaches and mentors to me for the last 2 years.

You post videos of your kicking often on Instagram, etc… Do you have any ‘tips’ for other aspiring high school and college football players who are wanting to play at the next level?
My first tip would be to tell them to not be intimidated by other players/kickers or even their friends. Be confident in your abilities as a kicker/punter, follow other teams, kickers/punters, and coaches. Keep your posts simple and humble. Also, I would encourage HS players to get themselves “out there” as coaches are not going to come to you. Be proactive!

What did you learn over the last 4 years of high school and 2+ years of college?
That I had to work on being consistent, stay determined, and be proactive. When I started to play in college I learned that commitment meant more than just saying I wanted to play football. I had to work hard to earn my spot at each practice.

Is there any person(s) in your life who has had a major impact on your football or personal life?
You, Coach Brent Grablachoff, and my family. From Day 1 you have always told me how I was doing – no sugar coating, and extremely encouraging. You’ve always helped me to break down the complex techniques into simple to follow steps, go over film, and spot hiccups that need improving, and you worked so hard on getting me recruited. You check in to make sure I am doing okay and my parents and I could tell right away that you actually care about your students and it’s not just about $ like a lot of camps out there. I’ve always felt Kicking World was family and I enjoy being around everyone! Also, my family has sacrificed a lot financially to be able to send me to Kicking World camps, private lessons, and they’ve always found a way to get me to the National Showcase each year even though sometimes funds were tight. I’m very appreciative of them allowing me to live out my life-long dream and passion in kicking and now it’s all paid off!

What do you like about being a student coach at our camps?
Watching the students improve during camp, sharing my knowledge and experiences, and encouraging the campers to continue to work on their kicking and not to give up on their dreams & goals.

What one or two things do you currently do in your training that are keys to becoming the best kicker you can be?
I am very big into Olympic Lifting. I would say the weight room has attributed greatly to my strength building both physically and mentally. Another thing I do is not just record videos for social media (lol) but more importantly to be able to self-analyze my technique… I work tirelessly on the fundamentals and all the drills I’ve learned in training with y’all.

What does it mean for you to transfer to Texas Tech and be able to say you’re officially ‘D1 Bound’?
I have wanted to play D1 since my junior year of high school. The thought of playing in a huge stadium and playing with and against some of the best was a dream for me. I also began thinking that I may want to coach in college or even play for a NFL team and I knew that playing for a D1 school could get me one step closer to my dreams. Right now it also means that my dedication and commitment to my workouts and training have paid off to get me to this next step, and it’s confirmation for other kids out there that each of our paths is unique and God has a plan, so trust it and don’t give up.

Read Landon’s official announcement on his Twitter:

Favorite food/meal?
Meatloaf, green beans, coleslaw, and Raisin’ Canes (tip – order your Texas toast as ‘BOBS’).

Favorite local food spot near home?
‘The Roof’ near the Texas Tech campus.

Favorite NFL team?
The Tampa Bay Buccaneers – I’ve been a fan of Roberto Aguayo since I was a Florida State fan at the time and he was definitely one of the best college kickers ever.

Favorite NFL Kicker(s)?
Jason Sanders, Sergio Castillo, and Jason Myers.

Describe an embarrassing sports moment?
Deciding to run a fake punt in high school in a playoff game without the coach’s permission.

Do you have a favorite quote or motto or thought/belief you hold true to your heart?
“Pain is temporary. It may last a minute, or an hour, or a day, or a year, but eventually it will subside and something else will take its place. If I quit, however, it lasts forever.” – Lance Armstrong

What’s satisfying/fulfilling about being a kicker?
The moment you go out to kick and you know that it is a now or never moment – all the practice needs to come together for that one moment… that adrenaline feeling.

What’s the most challenging thing about being a kicker?
The commitment you need for your position, you have to understand that not everything is going to go your way and you will have a bad practice or game. It’s not what you think at that moment, it is more about how you move on and learn from the mistakes made in those moments. You can’t gaze upon the missed hits or blocked kicks, you have to keep moving forward from those moments. Also, you cannot blame your mishaps on anyone – you are the lone player at that moment and if you are not mentally strong it can get to you.

How will you be successful over the next ~3 years at Texas Tech?
I will continue to work on who I am as a person and perform my best for the Red Raiders. I understand the need and goal I have and am willing to push myself harder than I have in the classroom and weight room, on and off the field, not just for me but for God and my family. I’ll continue to trust the process, seek advice, and listen to the feedback from my coaches. My plan is to put my head down, stay humble, and grind!

What is your anticipated major?
I plan to go down the path of Business and Communications.

What are you most looking forward to in going to school in Lubbock and playing football as a Texas Tech Red Raider?
My family and friends in the stands watching me play, and of course running out with The Masked Rider into that huge Jones AT&T stadium! GUNS UP! 👆🏼

Check out the below recent YouTube video of Landon Reeves kicking some monster kickoffs during a small group training session with Kicking World on June 2, 2021. Landon can be seen hitting multiple kickoffs over 75-80 yards with 4.0-4.2 seconds of hang time. Texas Tech should be in line for some big kickoffs this fall and having touchbacks will inevitably help the Red Raiders’ field position battle on Special Teams.

To see Landon Reeves’ kicking highlight videos, game stats & more, visit his Hot Prospect Profile.

This concludes the interview conducted between Coach Brent Grablachoff, Owner & Head Coach of Kicking World, and OUAZ transfer to Texas Tech University Kicker Landon Reeves from Idalou, Texas.


Above Photos Backstory:
Landon was being recruited by Texas Tech among other D1 programs out of high school. Through some life adversities, his grades were not the greatest and over the next 2 years at college, he worked hard on turning it around. He increased his GPA by a whole point. These 2 photos are from Landon visiting back in 2018 in his senior year of high school. All roads led back to TTU and we’re all so proud of Landon and excited for the continuation of his college kicking career as a Red Raider!