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Meet John Coleman, Monmouth University’s Future Kicker

On National Signing Day New Jersey Kicker John Coleman accepted a full scholarship to play football at Monmouth University (FCS) in West Long Branch, NJ.

Today I spoke with John Coleman; long-time Kicking World camper who is a 3x Golden Boot champion, 2x Kicking World All-American, Hot Prospect, All-League, All-State, and the list goes on! John has come through our camps since his freshman year as the kicker for Sparta HS in Sparta, NJ. His success is a testament to what can happen when you work hard, stay focused and follow a process.

On National Signing Day John accepted a full scholarship to play football at Monmouth University (FCS) in West Long Branch, NJ. Earning a college football scholarship is hard enough, but doing it as a kicker is a whole other level! Enjoy the following interview of John Coleman and learn what makes him tick and even pick up a few tips for aspiring kickers!

Class of 2014 Sparta HS Kicker / Monmouth University Commit

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Q.        How did you get into kicking?
 In 5th grade my coach had a tryout for the kicker on our team and I was the only one who could kick it through the uprights. I was never serious about it until high school though. My freshman year of high school I attended my first Kicking World camp and won the competition with a 50 yard field goal, that’s when I started to get more serious about kicking.

Q.        Tell me about your best memory of HS Football or any one specific game that stands out in your career.
A. Winning the state championship my senior year by shutting out our opponent in Metlife Stadium.

Q.          What other sports have you played in high school?
A. Besides Football, Lacrosse.

Q.          What’s your favorite school subject? Least favorite?
A. Favorite is definitely Math, and least favorite is English for sure.

          Tell me about the recruiting process… How did it all get started and when did it get more serious?
A. I really got serious about it at the end of my junior season. I started sending e-mails to everyone, and this lead to going to a few college camps over the summer. After the summer I kept e-mailing a bunch of schools throughout my senior season. The final stage of my recruiting and the most important time was definitely this January. I went on a couple official visits during this time and it was a big month for finding out which schools were truly interested or not.

Q.        Do you have any ‘tips’ for other aspiring high school football players who are wanting to play at the next level?
A. If you want to be recruited, make sure you put in the time and don’t expect others to do it all for you. You have to be proactive about sending out the e-mails and making the calls. While your coach should certainly help you, if you really want something, you need to go out and get it!

Q.        Is there any person(s) in your life who has had a major impact on your football or personal life?
A. My parents.

john coleman kickerQ.        What ultimately led you to commit to Monmouth University? What other schools were in the running?
A. Along with Monmouth I was talking to a handful of schools that were interested in me. I had visits and offers to Monmouth and Wagner, and I ultimately chose Monmouth. After going on an official visit to Monmouth, I was thoroughly impressed by everything they had to offer. The facilities are up to date & first-class and we’re getting a new stadium after this season! I was also impressed by the academics and the accreditation of the Business program. The coaching staff was very professional and made me feel like they were truly interested in having me be a part of their football program. The last thing that stood out to me was the competitiveness of their athletics program as Monmouth is moving into the Big South Conference.

Q.        Favorite NFL team?
A. Green Bay Packers

Q.        Favorite NFL Kicker?
A. Justin Tucker, that guy is cash from anywhere on the field.

Q.        What’s the Best Part about being a Kicker?
A. Definitely the pressure, I love going on the field in those pressure situations where everyone is counting on you.

Q.        What’s the Most Challenging thing about being a Kicker?
A. Definitely the pressure, you have to know how to stay calm and handle it.

Q.        How will you be a successful over the next 4 years at Monmouth?
A. Keep a good balance of practice, academics, and conditioning

Q.        Do you have an intended major yet?
I am looking to major in business.

Q.        What are you most looking forward to in college?
Playing football at a high level in the Big South Conference against big schools (Central Michigan is on our schedule in a couple years, and a couple other big FBS schools)!

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This concludes the interview conducted on February 7, 2014 between Coach Brent Grablachoff, Owner & Head Coach of Kicking World and future Monmouth University Kicker John Coleman from Sparta, NJ.