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Kicking World moves to Austin, TX

In 2017 Kicking World moved to Austin, TX to be more centrally located and reach more specialists nationwide. Coach Brent thanks everyone for their support.


I’m excited to announce I have officially moved to Texas, and our business Kicking World is now centrally headquartered in Austin! This has been a long time coming and in the back of my mind for several years. Many of you know my affinity for the State of Texas and how it’s our biggest market. I thoroughly enjoy the southern hospitality, bass fishing, lakes, golfing, outdoor activities, dining, and prominence of football; and Austin offers all that, and some; not to mention a much more affordable cost of living/housing versus Southern California! Our new central location in Austin, TX will make me more accessible to more students nationwide, as well, it will make our extensive nationwide camp travel much more efficient.

What does all this mean? I will now be available more regularly, year-round for private instruction throughout Texas. I am centrally located – 5 miles south of Cedar Park, and 15 miles north of Downtown Austin, which makes for a very reasonable drive from all parts of Austin, and a decent drive from Houston and San Antonio, and less than a 3 hour drive from Dallas. I’ll be available for private lessons daily in Austin, and alternating months in Dallas and Houston. I’ll continue to be around for lessons a day before/after most of our travel camps as well.

Our camp schedule remains unchanged, and we continue to hold over 50 camps in 22 states annually as well as add new coaches who are available across the country for 1-on-1 and small group training. Coach Jesse & Kyle will continue to service our Southern California market, and be available for my San Diego customers, and you can also come train with me in Austin anytime.

I want to thank our Southern California client base for helping get Kicking World off the ground a little over 10 years ago when I moved out to California from New Jersey with a dream of creating a successful instructional kicking camp business that impacts kids. Now it is time to take Kicking World to the next level and I am confident that running operations out of Texas will help us properly service our largest market, be accessible for more families, and enable us to impact even more students for years to come.

This is a very exciting time for me and the Kicking World business and it wouldn’t be possible without God’s grace and the tremendous support from my family, Coach Jesse, our clients, coaches, vendors and the Kicking World coaches/staff, coast to coast, and in between. I’m looking forward to kicking off our 10th camp season this year from Austin, TX y’all!

-Coach Brent

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