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Father and Son travel from Kansas City Missouri for Kicking Lessons!

Brent, Thanks for the kicking lessons for my son, Matt. He learned a great deal from you in a short period of time. I couldn't believe the amount of information and instruction we got in only an hour and a half.

Being a kicking coach is rewarding in itself just being able to coach all the young kickers and punters out there. It’s even more rewarding when parents go out of their way to tell me just how much they enjoyed my kicking instruction and how it helped their son. This summer I met with a father and son from Kansas City Missouri at our home turf in San Diego, CA at beautiful Coronado High School. This was one of those weekends that was very rewarding.

Brent, Thanks for the lessons for my son, Matt. He learned a great deal from you in a short period of time. I couldn’t believe the amount of information and instruction we got in only an hour and a half. With a little practice, he hopes to help his high school team in the kicking game. I also want to thank you for letting me listen in on your instructions on the kicking game. I know a lot of what you told us will be instrumental in helping our kickers at Rockhurst for the upcoming season. The onside kick that you showed us will definitely be part of our special teams package. I would recommend to anyone wanting to learn about the kicking game that they contact you and to those more experienced to work with you on their kicking skills. We came all the way from the Midwest and it was well worth it, I only wish you were located a little closer, so we could work with you more often. Also, enjoy the bar-b-que, Kansas City bar-b-que rules!” (-Coach Paul Beirne of Rockhurst HS, Kansas City, MO)

I had the pleasure of coaching a beginner high school freshman kicker- Matt Beirne who plays football at one of the top high school powerhouses in the country (Rockhurst HS). He is trying to crack into the starting lineup this year and  his father (Coach Paul Beirne) who is an assistant coach on the Varsity team reached out to me to set up a private kicking session in San Diego, CA. Mr. Beirne saw my website and was impressed with the long list of kickers and punters that I actively coach so he decided to get his son some 1 on 1 kicking time this summer before Matt goes back to school.

I worked out Matt on a Saturday for a good hour and a half and we got a lot in that day! We focused on field goals but I also laid the ground work for him with his kickoffs and punting technique. At the start of the lesson Matt was just content with making extra points but by the end of the kicking lesson he was eager to start blasting 35+ yard field goals! It was a joy coaching Matt because he’s a nice kid, follows instruction well and showed me that he learned a lot and had a fun time!

Matt’s father and I had a discussion about Barbecue during the lesson because I had recently held a kicking camp in Texas and I mentioned to him that they have some dynamite barbecue! He commented back, you think that’s good? Try some KC BBQ! I thought Mr. Beirne was just saying it, but it turns out he actually sent me a package 2 weeks later with barbecued ribs, baked beans with briscuit and a bottle of Kansas City BBQ from his favorite BBQ joint in KC called “Jack Stack Barbecue.” It was an awesome treat to get in the mail and I was able to cook it up soon after I received it. It was a great dinner and I thank you Mr. Beirne for being so generous and thinking of me! The debate continues… Who has the best barbecue? Texas or Kansas City Missouri? I’ll let you decide, because I can’t! Both are great and have their own unique flavor.  When it comes from one of my students it’s a sure winner! Thanks again for your kind words Mr. Beirne and good luck to Rockhurst Football and I wish Matt the best in his kicking endeavors this season.