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Complete Guide to Kicking DVD Released!

Coach Brent Grablachoff brings you the 'Complete Guide to Kicking' DVD for football kickers. This is the best instructional kicking video available today!

football kicking videoAs many of you know, my book the ‘Complete Guide to Kicking & Punting’ published in 2008 has been a major success. Well, I received so many e-mails and contact over the last few years from coaches, parents and students asking ‘Coach Brent, when are you going to put out a DVD?!’ Well guess what? It is here! The ‘Complete Guide to Kicking‘ DVD is now available! In this 2-Disc DVD Set I teach you everything you need to know to improve and dominate in field goal kicking, kickoffs and onside kicks. I reveal secrets I’ve learned over the last 10+ years of coaching kickers and punters.

Many will ask  ‘Coach Brent, why are you giving away all this information, aren’t you sharing your secrets?’ Well, yes I certainly am giving away a TON of info in this football kicking video but I know that after you watch my kicking videos you will want to train with me for kicking lessons and kicking camps to improve even more. While some may try to copy my teaching style, there’s a reason I’m successful and there’s only one me. My formula works: Personality, Experience, Expertise, Results! Now you too can experience my passion, details-oriented approach and fun learning style for yourself!

This kicking video is by far the best instructional kicking video available today. My Kicking DVD is loaded with over 2 hours of kicking instruction spanning field goals, kickoffs, onside kicks, kicking drills, in-gym workouts, stretches, the mental game, equipment discussion and a whole lot more! My kicking video is not only great for students, but equally beneficial for parents and coaches!

I created the Kicking DVD so that I can reach more students across the world with quality kicking instruction. I receive e-mails all the time from specialists across the world who have seen our YouTube Videos and want to train with me but they may be prohibited my geographic location, cost, etc. Well the Complete Guide to Kicking will allow anyone to get several lessons worth of instruction with me packed into 2 DVDs that you can watch on your computer, on your TV; anywhere. This is truly the first ‘Complete’ Kicking Video available. No areas of the kicking game have been overlooked and you will surely learn a ton of new information in this first-class kicking video.

Whether you’re a youth kicker, HS kicker, college kicker or seasoned professional kicker, the Complete Guide to Kicking DVD will transform your kicking game and take your fundamental, technical, physical and mental skills to a whole new level! If you’re ready to be the best kicker you can, Purchase my kicking video today!