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2015 Kicking World Showcase Re-Cap

The 2015 Kicking World Invite-Only Showcase took place on December 5-6, 2015 at Mission Bay HS in San Diego, CA. 50 of the best kickers & punters from 15 states...

The 2015 Kicking World Invite-Only Showcase brought close to 50 of the country’s best prep kickers & punters from 15 states to beautiful San Diego, CA on Saturday & Sunday, December 5-6, 2015. Kicking World’s top specialists were hand-picked by Coach Brent and the staff and out of the over 1,000 students we trained in 2015, only a little over 100 were invited to this prestigious event. Showcase participants squared off for a weekend to showcase their talent and help legitimize their kicking and punting ability.

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The Event helped kicking recruits showcase their abilities to college football programs. College football coaches were in attendance in person as well as several dozens of college football coaches streamed the Showcase Event live on YouTube, as did thousands of other families, friends & Kicking World fans. View all the Showcase Facebook Photos here and Watch the live 2015 Showcase Replay on YouTube.

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On Day 1 we charted each student on kickoffs, punts and field goals. The top charter per Class was recognized and awarded Kicking World apparel prizes at the end of the Showcase. The leaders of Day 1 charting were as follows:


#1 Overall Kickoff: Avery Wilson (67.2, 3.74 avg)

CLASS OF 2016: Mehran Roshanaei (Yorktown HS, VA)
CLASS OF 2017: Lucas Havrisik (Norco HS, CA)
CLASS OF 2018: Avery Wilson (Quincy Senior HS, IL)


#1 Overall Punts: Nicholas Van Valkenburg (41.8, 4.5 avg)

CLASS OF 2016: Nicholas Van Valkenburg (St. Mary’s School, OR)
CLASS OF 2017: Lucas Havrisik (Norco HS, CA)
CLASS OF 2018: Avery Wilson (Quincy Senior HS, IL)


#1 Overall Field Goals: (4-way tie, perfect field goals through 55 yards)
Chris Stalter (2016) Vista HS, CA
Victory Ulmo (2016) Baylor School, TN
Hunter Everett (2017) Newcastle HS, OK
Zach Williams (2017) Trinity HS, KY

View Day 1 Charting Results (Kickoffs, Punts & Field Goals)

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On Day 2 we had ‘Elimination competitions’ meaning students had to hit a certain minimum criteria (i.e. distance and hang-time on kickoffs and punts) in order to advance to the next round. As the competition went on, more and more students were eliminated until finally we only had 1 student per class year. We then went until there was only 1 overall champion. Overall winners of Day 2 Elimination won some awesome prizes including Beats by Dr Dre bluetooth speakers, GoPro cameras, Amazon Kindle Fire HD tablet and multiple Kicking World apparel items. The overall champions for the Day 2 Elimination Competitions are as follows:


Overall Field Goal Champion: Lucas Havrisik (Class of 2017, Norco HS, CA)
Runner Up Field Goal Champion: Hunter Everett (Newcastle HS, OK)

CLASS OF 2016 FG CHAMPION: Josh Jones (Fivay HS, FL)
CLASS OF 2017 FG CHAMPION: Lucas Havrisik (Norco HS, CA)
CLASS OF 2018 FG CHAMPION: Jakob Green (Princeton HS, NJ)
CLASS OF 2019 FG CHAMPION: Arunav Kohli (St. Ignatius College Prep, CA)


Overall Kickoff Champion: Lucas Havrisik (Class of 2017, Norco HS, CA)

CLASS OF 2016 KICKOFF CHAMPION: Mehran Roshanaei (Yorktown HS, VA)
CLASS OF 2017 KICKOFF CHAMPION: Lucas Havrisik (Norco HS, CA)
CLASS OF 2018 KICKOFF CHAMPION: Avery Wilson (Quincy Senior HS, IL)
CLASS OF 2019 KICKOFF CHAMPION: Arunav Kohli (St. Ignatius College Prep, CA)


Overall Punt Champion: Chris Stalter (Class of 2016, Vista HS, CA)

CLASS OF 2016 PUNT CHAMPION: Chris Stalter (Vista HS, CA)
CLASS OF 2017 PUNT CHAMPION: Noah Martin (Copperas Grove HS, TX)
CLASS OF 2018 PUNT CHAMPION: Felix Cano III (Saginaw HS, TX)

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View Day 2 Elimination Competition Results (Field Goals, Kickoffs & Punts)

The weekend was a major success and already several Showcase attendees have received increased interest from college football programs due to their exceptional performances at the event. Next year’s Kicking World Invite-Only Showcase Event will again take place in early December and all Kicking World campers will have the opportunity to qualify for an invitation based on their performance at any 2016 Kicking World Camp.

Compilation Video
Recruiting Recap Video
Day 2 Live Replay