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2013 Austin Texas Kicking Camp Competition Highlights

The 6th annual Kicking World Austin Texas kicking camp had the best Texas kickers & punters we've ever seen. Several new kicking records were set!

kicking camp in texasThe 6th annual Kicking World Texas kicking camp in Austin was quite astonishing. Several camp records were set and numerous kickers and punters stood out from the crowd at this 2-Day kicking camp held on Father’s Day weekend June 15-16, 2013. We hold over 3 camps a year in Austin and Dallas, TX and without a doubt Texas is the #1 destination for the best kickers in the country. Read on to learn all about this past weekend’s camp and the kicking records that were set. kicking world camp winner

In our younger group (grades 7-9) Evan Crockett (2016), a returning punter/kicker from College Station HS in College Station, TX dominated the punting competition. He strung together an impressive 46 yard punting average! In our younger group kickoff competition, first time camper Kolson Watts (2016) of Lumberton HS in Texas lit up the field with a kickoff average off 66.5 yards and a hang-time average of 3.86 seconds. These kickoff stats would be considered impressive and college bound worthy for a high school senior; and Kolson is only going to be a sophomore this coming season! In our younger group field goal competition (winner is called the Golden Boot), it was Kolson Watts again showing his skills, but he was edged out in the final round where Hunter Hillier (2016) Liberty Christian HS kicker in Texas captured a new Kicking World (younger group) field goal competition record with a 55 yard field goal for the win! Hunter Hillier is the 2013 Austin TX younger group Golden Boot Champion!

In our older group (grades 10-12) we had quite an afternoon of talent. There were several skilled kickers and punters, and a few stood out to get the job done and take home the awards. For the first time ever, we have a Triple Threat Champion. We spent the week thinking what we would call this, and we’re excited to have a new honor for the Kicking World camper who strings together a competition win in all 3 phases of the game – field goals, kickoffs & punts. View the entire 2013 Austin TX camp stats.

eric piccione clear springs hs kickerEric Piccione (2014) a returning camper is the first student ever to amass such a feat and be known as the first ever Kicking World Triple Threat Champion! Eric cleaned up shop in the punting competition with a 44 yard average and close to 4.0 second hang-time average. In the kickoffs he was putting his kicks through the uprights with a 74 yard kickoff and a 78 yard kickoff to average 76 yards combined with a more than 3.70 second hang-time average.

While Eric certainly stole the show, there were 2 other kickers who shared in Eric’s glory of the Golden Boot Champion. We had to go all the way back to 63 yards to determine a winner in the older group field goal competition, and it took three kicks from 63 yards to decide a winner. During the 63 yard attempts, returning camper Jake Carter (2015) kicker from McCallum HS drilled a new Kicking World field goal competition record 63 yard field goal! If you’re not aware, 63 yards is also the current NFL Record which is tied by a few NFL kickers!

Brannon Satterfield lake travisThere was one more student still ‘alive’ during this magical session of 63 yard field goals, and that was returning camper and 2012 Austin TX Kicking World Golden Boot Champion, Brannon Satterfield (2016) Lake Travis HS Kicker from Austin, TX! Brannon had his mind set that he was going to win this event. The unique history of our Austin TX kicking camp is that one school in particular has dominated the last 3 years of Kicking World camp competitions and that school is none other than the powerhouse Lake Travis HS. All the students were well aware of it and they didn’t want it to happen again. Eric and Jake were determined to put this impressive run to an end.

After each of the 3 boys had 3 kicks from 63 yards, we were still at a standstill. With the camp going 1 hour longer and the Texas sun beating down on students & parents, Coach Brent and Coach Jesse made a call and decided that in the 2013 Austin TX Kicking World field goal competition, all 3 of them were going to be co-Golden Boot Champions! So that’s how it ended up and all 3 – Jake Carter, Eric Piccione and Brannon Satterfield are the 2013 Austin TX Golden Boot Champions!

kicking camp winnerBrannon Satterfield is now the first Kicking World student to successfully win 2 years consecutively at the same camp location! Eric Piccione and Brannon Satterfield are the first two Kicking World students to win (2) Golden Boot awards (Eric – 2012 Houston, 2013 Austin) and (Brannon – 2012 Austin, 2013 Austin).

Honorable Mention
In addition to the above mentioned camp competition winners who showed impressive performances in all 3 phases of the game, the following specialists also caught Coach Brent & Coach Jesse’s eyes this past weekend.

Connor Flanigan (2015) Bowie HS
Connor made it back to 55 yards during the field goal competition was kicking off the ground.

Jadin Gonzalez (2015) Warren HS
Jadin was perfect on his field goals through 50 yards and only missed his 55 and 60 yard attempt.

David Almarez (2014) McAllen Memorial HS
David strung together a 71.5 yard kickoff average during the kickoff competition.

Kevin Reid Jr. (2014) Flour Bluff HS
Kevin made a 55 and 60 yard field goal during the field goal competition and was kicking off the ground.

We hope you enjoyed the camp competition commentary and look forward to seeing you at one of our Kicking World performance kicking camps in the future! Be sure to check out the kicking camp highlight video below and check out all the camp competition stats from the 2013 Austin kicking camp!