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2010 Spring Break Kicking Camp Re-Cap

Kicking World kicked off the 2010 kicking camp season at La Jolla High School in San Diego, California! The camp had 25 students ages 14-17 in attendance.

Kicking Camp Group PhotoOn Sunday, March 28th Kicking World kicked off the 2010 kicking camp season at La Jolla High School in sunny San Diego, California! The camp was a major success as 25 students ages 14-17 were in attendance. Students travelled as far as 3 hours away to attend the kicking camp. Check out all the photos from the camp!

Kicking World’s camps are heavily focused on kicking instruction as our camp staff teaches you how to kick field goals, how to punt, and how to kickoff effectively. At the end of each instructional and free-kick period we hold a kicking competition. For this camp we had 3 different competitions with winners determined by age: a 14/15 group and a 16/17 group. There were many camp participants who exhibited some awesome talent! Below, we recognize the kicking camp competition winners.

I’m still getting phone calls and e-mails from parents and students with a lot of positive feedback on the camp and their experience. The common theme is that everyone had fun, enjoyed the kicking competitions, and learned quite a few tips for improving their field goals, punts, kickoffs and onside kicks. One parent in particular expressed his sincere thanks:

The camp was well organized, energetic, well staffed and the kids had a blast that was visible from the stands. Thank you Brent for providing a superb camp and the care you show for the kids. I would and do recommend your camps to everyone with an interest in kicking.” -Mike Sommers

Special Thanks
Thanks to all the students and parents who attended! Special thanks to my camp staff- Coach Jesse, Coach Justin, Carolyn, Austin, Joaquin, and camera men Brian Miller and Mike Robinson. The camp couldn’t have been a success without your help! Your time and efforts are much appreciated. Also, thanks to Wizard Kicking, Athlete’s Performance, and Athletic Quickness for donating the awesome awards we presented to competition winners! Check out all the great pictures from the camp!

Competition Results
Kicking Competition Award Winners

Field Goal Competition WinnersField Goal
In the field goal competition Bret Miller (San Clemente HS) and Conrad Ukropina (Loyola HS) dueled for 12 rounds of head to head competition from 30 yard to 50 yard field goals until finally Conrad beat out Bret with a ‘last second pressure’ 45 yard field goal kick. Conrad won the 16/17 age group and the ‘golden boot award’ as the last man standing in the field goal competition and Bret Miller won the 14/15 age group.

Punting Competition WinnersPunting
In the punting competition Nathan Drum turned out an impressive 53.5 yard net punt average and was the overall punting competition winner followed by a close second- Anthony Summers (San Clemente HS) with a 51 yard net average who won his 14/15 age group.

Kickoff Competition WinnersKickoffs
In the kickoff competition, Kicking World student Christian Rodriguez (Fountain Valley HS) won his 16/17 age group and overall competition winner with an impressive 61 yard kickoff average while Bret Miller, also a Kicking World student came in a close second overall and won his 14/15 age group with a 60 yard kickoff average.

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