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2008 National Kicking Combine in Orange County, CA

Kicking is conducting a national kicking combine, specifically designed for advanced High School football kickers who want to be college kickers.

Kicking is conducting a national kicking combine, specifically designed for advanced High School football kickers who want to be college kickers. Please visit or call 512-817-1333 for detailed information!

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Mar 26, 2008 16:15:49

PRLog (Press Release) – Mar 26, 2008 – Kicking World ( conducts football kicking camps specifically designed for advanced kickers and punters to help teach them accelerated kicking techniques, form, strength coaching, accuracy/distance improvement, and mental toughness to become clutch kickers in any pressure situation. We work with advanced kickers to help them get Division 1 Scholarships through exposure, recruitment-process coaching, and higher-level training to gain the necessary tools to become an elite kicker in college or professionally.

The upcoming spring kicking camps are going to be held in Irvine (Orange County) California on Sunday, April 20, 2008, and Sunday, June 1, 2008 from 12:00pm-2:30pm. We draw football kickers and punters from various states across the country. The upcoming performance kicking camps will also feature a guest speaker, former NFL Scout, who will discuss the college recruitment process, scholarship details, and how to get signed professionally. We will cover all the steps necessary to keep you in compliance with the NCAA guidelines so that you work smart, market yourself appropriately, and get yourself noticed!

Advanced High School Kickers, Prospective College Kickers, Professional Free-Agents

· Advanced Drills for Field Goal Accuracy & Power
· Kickoff Training: “hurdle jump” and kicking leg land
· How to aim and never miss a PAT
· How to add 3 yards on your kickoffs
· Training Tools and Exercises to increase leg speed & flexibility
· Demonstration of specific exercises to increase “fast-twitch” speed
· Discussion on Kicking Equipment and secrets you need to know
· Practice Drills for pressure situations and game prep strategies
· Kicking Competitions for prizes & exposure!

John Baker (former NFL Professional Scout):

· The College Recruitment Process
· How to Get Noticed and Get Invited
· How to land a Division 1 Scholarship
· How to market yourself, without an agent
· How to get a Pro Tryout!
*Kicking World complies with all NCAA Clearinghouse rules & regulations

COST: $150.00


Sunday, April 20, 2008
Sunday, June 1, 2008

*Additional Dates available online:

12:00pm-3:00pm (advanced Kickers only- ages 13+, H.S., Prospective College)

Irvine High School
4321 Walnut Avenue
Irvine, CA 92604 …


Phone: 512-817-1333

Brent Grablachoff
Owner & Coach
[email protected]
‘Go For 3’
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