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1st Annual Father & Son Field Goal Kicking Contest in Austin, TX

Kicking World had its 1st Annual Father & Son field goal kicking contest at our 6th annual Austin Texas kicking camp on June 16, 2013. Read the story and watch the funny kicking video highlights from the 20 Texan Dads who participated!

texas field goal contestOn June 16, 2013 minutes before our 1st Annual Father & Son field goal kicking contest, no one knew what to expect. This was our first time holding a contest where the dads get to participate before the start of Day 2 of our Texas football kicking camp. We began the warm-up & practice period where the 20 sons helping their Dads had 10 minutes to ‘coach them up’ on the basics of field goal kicking. The 20 dads in attendance actually did really well and there were no ambulances called and no injuries, thank God!

We started the field goal contest with a ‘simple’ 20 yard PAT (the same distance a kicker kicks from after a touchdown is scored). We all really thought most of the dads would be eliminated after this first kick, but nope! In this single elimination field goal contest we not only had to go back to 30 yards, but we actually had to go all the way back to 40 yards to crown a winner!

Connor Richter (Lake Travis HS) and Mr. Richter are the inaugural father & son field goal contest winners with a 40 yard field goal! He’s the big hitter in the white shirt and soccer cleats in the video below! The father & son team won a $50 Pluckers gift card and a bunch of Kicking World apparel. Check out all the photos from this fun kicking contest and watch the YouTube kicking video highlights below! We hope to see all ya’ll at this fun field goal contest next year. Start practicing now, because who knows, it might take a 50 yarder to win it next year!