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After the release of our the hugely successful Complete Guide to Kicking DVD, 4 years later, Coach Brent and Jesse are back to bring you the Step by Step Guide to PUNTING! In this over 2-hour instructional punting video, you will learn the intricacies of punting fundamentals, technique and form and will be taught a process and system to follow to ensure you get repeatable results. There’s so much fine detail that go into becoming a talented punter, and nothing is overlooked in this punting video.

Coach Brent and Jesse have coached together at over 200 camps in the last 4 years alone and are ready to share secrets with you to help improve your confidence, accuracy and distance in all things punting. We’ll cover punting drills, strategy, ball & body alignment, how to get a proper drop, efficient & repeatable steps, how to achieve more consistent contact which equates to better accuracy & distance, how to adjust for environmental changes, common flaws & how to correct them, and a whole lot more!

We will teach you a proven & easy to follow process to become a more successful punter this season!

Producer Brent Grablachoff
Actors Brent Grablachoff, Jesse Sandoval
Format DVD (2-Discs)
Run Time 141 minutes
Release Date December 21, 2016

Video Trailer

Table of Contents

DISC 1: Fundamentals, Technique & Drills (Run-Time: 84 min)
1. Punting: Fundamentals (101)
2. Punting: Advanced Technique (202)
3. Punting: Making Adjustments (303)
4. Punting: Tips
5. Punting: Drills

DISC 2: Fitness, Training & Mental Game (Run-Time: 57 min)
6. Stretching & Warm-ups
7. Training/Gym
8. Secrets & Mental Strategy
9. Getting to the Next Level

*Chapters 6-9 are also included in the Complete Guide to Kicking DVD

Note from Coach Brent

I’m confident you’ll become a much more confident, stronger and reliable punter after watching this video!” –Coach Brent Grablachoff

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3 reviews for Punting Video

  1. Shane French (verified owner)

    Great for new punters trying to learn the art of punting!

  2. Jonathan L.

    Such an awesome video! Thanks Coach Brent and Jesse for your sage advice. My son (and I) learned a ton from this and we’re excited it’s also available digitally now too. I still find him loading this dvd up on his xbox watching the workout sections and refreshing himself on the punting drills taught.

  3. Chris McKenna

    Lights out the best instructional punting video out there! My son and I learned so much in this video and the coaches do a fantastic job of breaking down minute details into easy to digest chunks of info that are easy to remember. 5 Stars all the way!

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