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Kicking eBook (Digital)

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The “Complete Guide to Kicking & Punting” eBook is loaded with kicking & punting information in an interactive format that allows you to reference live websites with videos helping to further illustrate what you read in the eBook. Learn about kicking training and how to kick and punt better, stretching routines, and how to train to strengthen your body and gain more distance! The eBook is the same information as our Paperback book, but in a digital format.

What You’ll Learn

You will learn everything about kicking/punting including the basics, fundamentals, footwork, steps, alignment, follow-through, practice routines, game prep strategies, directional kicks, kicking field goals from angles, onside kicks, punts, punt drop, punting directionally, coffin-corner punt, how to get more hang-time, how to get better distance, and how to become more accurate.

Virtually everything you need to know or ever wanted to know about Kicking and Punting is included in this feature packed eBook.


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Author Brent Grablachoff
Format Digital eBook
Supported Devices Full-Featured & Compatible on virtually all electronic devices:
iOS, Android, Kindle, Nook, Computers, Tablets, eReaders, Mobile Phones
Length PDF: 104 Pages, ePub & .MOBI varies by device.
Release Date January 16, 2013


8 reviews for Kicking eBook (Digital)

  1. Matteo Cordray

    Great book. Works thoroughly on the details and hones your attention towards the key points needed to become a great kicker. I love the visuals and step by step instruction for each part of the kicking game. I also like the workouts given at the end as they help me work on key muscle groups to be a strong kicker.

  2. John Graziano – Lee, MA

    A great resource. Reasonably priced and covers ALL aspects of kicking and training. Full of basic and advanced tips and advice. Made All-County and I can’t wait to get out on the field and continue improving my kicking! Highly recommended. Thanks Coach Brent.

  3. Lee Arakawa – Honolulu, HI (verified owner)

    The book is full of beneficial drills and exercises that I was able to use during the off-season and even during practice throughout the season. The book is much more than just drills however. Coach Brent also includes ways to handle the ‘mind game’ which is something all kickers and punters struggle with; beyond the actual game itself. Everything in the book is of use and helpful if you are trying to improve yourself as a kicker and even as a punter.

  4. Rhys (verified owner)

    I have almost got to the half way point of the book and I am enjoying it tremendously. This past fall I just finished up my college kicking career. I have one more semester of school in the fall of 2010 and am planning on trying out for the AFL, UFL, or CFL next spring. This book is providing me with a lot of new information that I wish I would have known in high school and college. I also plan on using a lot of this information to help coach my college’s kickers and punters in the fall. Thank you!

  5. John (verified owner)

    I would recommend it to beginning punters and kickers. I enjoyed the eBook and found it useful.

  6. Mrs. Levine (Blake’s Mom) (verified owner)

    When my son first became interested in kicking, I as a mom was clueless, and honestly so were his coaches. I began doing research on the internet and came across Coach Brent’s book. I purchased it for him for Christmas and Blake has used Brent’s book as his ‘Kicking Bible’ ever since (that was 4 years ago). He is now the Number 1 kicker in his state! I would recommend this book to any parent wanting to help encourage your kicker’s dreams to come true…

  7. Chris (verified owner)

    This is such an amazing eBook. It has helped me improve my skills and also helped a ton with work outs. I extremely recommend to all kickers.

  8. Brendan (verified owner)

    I am always looking to gain any kind of competitive edge in kicking or punting. One of the best all-around kicking/punting resources I came across has been Coach Brent’s ‘Complete Guide to Kicking & Punting’ eBook. He offers many useful tips and drills ranging from how to nail an extra point to learning how to punt a 50-yard spiral. As well, the book explains many practical training and weight-lifting exercises that can be performed on field, in the gym, or in a pool! This resource is a steal for under 20 bucks!

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