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Matt Jackson (K)

Brent, I wanted to thank you for doing my son’s video analysis. Matt was struggling getting his form back from his last game of high school ball back in November. I worked with him for about two months starting in May and we were better but not where he needed to be for his college team. After your phone call and email with the analysis, Matt started to get more length and height to his kicks after just his next workout. By the time he left for the first college workout he had increased his distance by a solid 10 yards and was hitting them from 15 yards more about 1 out of 3 kicks. I am happy to say he started out as number 3 on the depth chart at college and has now moved to number 2 on the depth charts. His kick offs still need some work but he is working with his college coaches for now. The coaches have been impressed his work ethic and it is looking like he will be the starting place kicker in 2012. I appreciate your time and detail you put into his video analysis. Being on the east coast it is not really cheap for me to fly my son out to California but the $50 I spent on your analysis was by far my best purchase this summer. Thanks and I will update you with Matt’s progress.