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Football Kicking
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for Specialists Who Demand the Best

Performance Training for all Levels

We offer football kicking camps & private kicking lessons for all ages & skill levels


Fun Camps & Lessons introducing the foundations of kicking & punting to students ages 9-12.

High School

Performance Camps & Private Instruction for kickers, punters & snappers preparing for college.

Pro & College

1 on 1 Instruction for Collegiate & Professional kickers, punters & snappers seeking an edge.

Upcoming Kicking Camps

Kicking World holds over 40 kicking camps in 24 major cities and coaches kickers, punters
& snappers of all ages & skill levels. We run the best instructional kicking camp in the world.

2-Day Camps (Ages 13-18)

December 6-7, 2014

1-Day Camps (Ages 13-18)

August 10, 2014
August 10, 2014
August 24, 2014
September 7, 2014
September 7, 2014
September 7, 2014
September 13, 2014
September 21, 2014
October 4, 2014
October 5, 2014
October 19, 2014

Youth Camps (Ages 9-12)

2-Day Camps (Ages 13-18) 1-Day Camps (Ages 13-18) Youth Camps (Ages 9-12)
December 6-7, 2014 San Diego, CA August 10, 2014 Alexandria, VA
August 10, 2014 Los Angeles, CA
August 24, 2014 Kansas City, KS
September 7, 2014 Charlotte, NC
September 7, 2014 Dallas, TX
September 7, 2014 Wayne, NJ
September 13, 2014 Portland, OR
September 21, 2014 Austin, TX
October 4, 2014 Houston, TX
October 5, 2014 Tulsa, OK
October 19, 2014 Sacramento, CA

Private Instruction

Kicking World kicking, punting & snapping coaches are available year-round for small group and 1 on 1 training.

Find a Coach

No Coach near you? Coach Brent is Available for travel lessons.

Interested in becoming a coach? We're Hiring.

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#Kicker Alex from #FtHood #Texas came out to train with Coach Brent today. His dad and mom both have served in the #USArmy and went to #WestPoint He is #military strong. Good Luck this season! #USMA #USArmedForces #punter #TX #punting #fieldgoal Justin from Ohio makes his first ever 50 yard #fieldgoal today at camp and it was good enough #FTW ! Congrats man. Nice #kicking today! #kicker #KickingWorld Zander, Ohio sophomore blasts the life out of this kick to win the younger group #fieldgoal competition. #GoldenBoot #Champion #kicking #kicker Das Boot. #Cincinnati prodigy Justin blasts a 50 yarder #FTW #GoldenBoot #champion #fieldgoal #kicking #kicker
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