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Kicking World holds over 50 kicking camps across 34 major cities in 24 states. We coach kickers, punters & snappers of all ages & skill levels and run the best instructional kicking camp in the world.

Performance Training for all Levels

We offer football kicking camps & private kicking lessons for all ages & skill levels


Fun Camps & Lessons introducing the foundations of kicking, punting & snapping; ages 9-12.

High School

Performance Camps & Lessons for kickers, punters & snappers ages 13-18 preparing for college.

Pro & College

Training Camps & Lessons for Collegiate & Pro kickers, punters & snappers seeking an edge.

Get Noticed

Kicking World camps provide an opportunity for you to compete to earn an invitation to our annual invite-only Showcase Event in San Diego, CA.

Private Instruction

Kicking World kicking, punting & snapping coaches are available year-round for small group and 1 on 1 training.

Find a Coach

Interested in becoming a coach? We're Hiring

Interested in becoming a coach? We're Hiring

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Need training tips and want to improve your distance, accuracy and form? Signup for a VIRTUAL Lesson with one of the Kicking World coaches! #kickingcoach #kicking #fieldgoal www.kickingworld.com/product/virtual-private-lesson/ Nice lil' shot from today's lessons in Austin! #fieldgoal #kicker #kicking #kickingcoach Beautiful day in Austin, TX! #fieldgoal #kicker #kicking That's right guys, the 2017 Showcase will be in AUSTIN, TEXAS this year, Dec 9-10! Who is ready to compete to earn an invitation?! #Austin #Texas #KickingWorld
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