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College/Pro Camp

  • This year we will be doing College/Pro LESSONS only but may add in future College/Pro camp dates next year.

If you want the best eye on your swing, you’ve come to the right place. Just as professional golfers have private swing coaches, you need an expert kicking coach to either help get you to the next level, or keep you there! Below is a list of services we offer for our collegiate & professional specialists in a 1 on 1 training environment.

  • Technique & Fundamentals
  • Fine Tune your mechanics
  • Diagnose and fix inefficiencies
  • Streamline your overall process
  • Super-Slow Mo video analysis
  • Year-Round Lessons
  • Pre-Season tune-up
  • Mid-Season tune-up
  • Training Camp Prep
  • Combine Prep
  • Pro Day Prep
  • Mental Training
  • Slump Breakouts
  • In Gym training
  • Flexibility & Leg Speed
  • Confidence Boost

Success Stories

jason sanders kicking world
Jason Sanders, New Mexico / NFL
#1 in FBS touchbacks (83%) in 2016 and #3 in 2018 (81%) & School Record – most consecutive PATs (81+).  Jason was drafted by the Miami Dolphins in the 7th round of the 2018 NFL Draft!
matt mccrane kicking world
Matt McCrane, Kansas State / NFL
School Record – most consecutive field goals (16) and career field goals made (57). #1 in FBS – highest season FG % (94.7% – 19/20).  Matt signed with the Arizona Cardinals in free agency minutes after the close of the 2018 NFL Draft!
conrad ukropina kicking world
Conrad Ukropina, Stanford / NFL
School Record – most consecutive PATs (122), most FGs made in a season (22), and best single-season FG% – 90% (18/20). Conrad attended minicamp with both the San Francisco 49ers & Washington Redskins.

College/Pro Camp

Our Training

*Informative  *Detailed  *Thorough  *Meticulous


Correcting small inefficiencies in your technique and fundamentals can equate to big gains in your overall consistency, distance and confidence. Sometimes all it takes is adding .10 to .20 more seconds on your kickoff or punt hang-time or an additional 2-3 yards on your field goal, punt or kickoff range. If you’re looking for that edge, Coach Brent can help give it to you! Get camp updates & free training tips

So, what do you need to win and keep your job at the highest level?

  • Make small tweaks to ensure your swing remains efficient and duplicable.
  • Train regularly with a kicking coach who is meticulous and follows a process.
  • Put in the time when no one else is watching you.
  • Create a plan and follow it every day, with no excuses.
  • Challenge yourself and always bring your ‘A game’.
  • Catch a few breaks and proper timing is big!
  • Hard Work, Perseverance, Dedication, Determination…
  • A Relentless Pursuit to make your Dream a REALITY!

Are you All In?

Train with Coach Brent in Austin, TX or with another Kicking World coach!

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