All camps are ON and there are no restrictions at our camps - meaning no one is required to wear masks or physical distance. You of course are welcome to, b" />

What is your Coronavirus/COVID-19 Protocol?

05/13/21 Update
All camps are ON and there are no restrictions at our camps – meaning no one is required to wear masks or physical distance. You of course are welcome to, but coaches/staff will no longer be wearing masks at camp and we have eased up on physical distancing too. Thankfully the CDC has loosened up its guidance significantly since the onset of the Coronavirus last year and we’re happy and excited for our students to get back to normalcy and being able to have much-needed social interactions again. If we happen to be inside and/or during very close interactions; coaches, staff, campers, and spectators may want to still wear a mask in those cases, but it is not required. We will keep our Coronavirus Protocol and we expect rules to continue to loosen until hopefully very soon there are no longer any national/worldwide rules, whether vaccinated or not.

We will keep all registered participants for each specific camp in the loop in case of any updates, via email.


05/29/20 Update
WE’RE BACK IN ACTION! All Kicking World camps since late May 2020 have been ON as scheduled! We can affirm that every event from August through December is confirmed and 100% locked in with our facilities personnel at each of the sites. If something should change with the current Coronavirus status, we would make a decision on each camp based on the most up-to-date national & state advisories approximately 5-7 days before each of those events. Rest assured, any payments made will not vanish and we will work with all parents/campers to find the best plan B (ie reschedule camp to a later date, transfer monies to another camp location, refund, etc) if we have to cancel or postpone any camps due to the Coronavirus (although we have NOT had to cancel anything since May, and it looks like the remainder of our camp season is cleared for takeoff)!

Check our FAQs page at for detailed answers to the top 20 most asked camp questions including cancellations, camp transfers, refunds, no show policy, what to bring, and more.

Please follow the major protocols from the CDC and US Government and use common sense throughout camp. When we’re in groups and you’re near someone, be aware of the current physical distancing rules and do your best to keep a safe distance while still being able to learn and interact. If you have to sneeze or cough be sure to walk away and don’t do it near or toward anyone. Before you eat any snacks/lunch during breaks please wash your hands (please bring a hand sanitizer and/or sanitizing wipes). Do your best not to touch your eyes, nose, and mouth. Each family should brief the student on the proper protocol to help keep him and other participants safe. The boys and girls bathrooms will be open. Masks during camp are optional. We will be outside and aware of the distance during camp, and the coaches will not be wearing masks, but we will be restricting interactions and being diligent about physical distancing throughout camp, as well as liberally applying hand sanitizer throughout camp. You are free to wear a mask if you’d like. During times of closer contact such as at check-in, or during a video review with a student, the coach will wear a mask. Cold water is normally provided at all camps, but for as long as this current situation is around we are asking all participants to bring their own water jug.

3-5 Days before each camp we email a details packet that includes all camp logistics. In that email, we will also communicate the most recent Coronavirus updates and our most recent safety protocol for that particular camp.

May 2020 Update
You have a lot to look forward to in training with Kicking World. Read this awesome article with 5 amazing reviews and photos from parents of campers at our first 2020 camp in March before the Coronavirus escalated. Thankfully since those 2 months of a camp lull, all events since late May have been held without any hiccups.

Thank you for your business and support as always; especially during this hectic time. Please don’t hesitate to sign up for any of our camps, and have no worry about losing your monies, that will not happen! While we are a small business we are financially secure and thankfully have survived the pandemic! We look forward to seeing you on the field!

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