Coronavirus update  -  All camps after May 5 are ON as scheduled  -  Official Statement

All Kicking World camps dated May 2020 or later are ON as scheduled unless specifically stated otherwise on that camp’s details page. We will keep all registered participants for each specific camp in the loop with any updates via email. We did have to cancel a few events in March, April, and the first part of May, but most of those are being rescheduled for later this summer, indicated by a ‘TBD’ date on the camp schedule page.

Thankfully things seem to be getting back to normal quickly, and all camps in May 2020 or later are ON as planned. We will make a decision on each camp based on the most up to date national & state advisories approximately 5-7 days before each of those events. Rest assured, any payments made will not vanish and we will work with all parents/campers to find the best plan B (ie reschedule camp to a later date, transfer monies to another camp location, refund, etc) if we have to cancel or postpone any camps due to the Coronavirus.

Check our FAQs page at for detailed answers to the top 20 most asked camp questions including cancellations, camp transfers, refunds, no show policy, what to bring, and more.

Please brief yourself on the major protocols from the CDC and exercise strict hygiene habits and common sense throughout camp. We’ll work to maintain proper distancing throughout camp while still ensuring you get our top-notch instruction. Before you eat any food during breaks, please wash your hands thoroughly or use hand sanitizer. Do your best not to touch your eyes, nose, and mouth. Don’t touch other students during camp. Each participant should bring a personal hand sanitizer (or search how to make it with 60% or greater rubbing alcohol & aloe vera gel) and optional face mask. Each participant should bring their own water jug to camp. During this time we are asking everyone not to shake hands or give high fives at camp in order to minimize the possibility of spreading/contracting the Coronavirus and we’ll be replacing them with ‘air’ fist bumps.

During camp, coaches and students will be cognizant of creating a reasonable space between each person. Cover your coughs/sneezes and wash your hands during each break we take. All camps are outside on a football field. Each family should brief the student on the preceding camp protocol and the most current CDC statements to help keep all participants safe.

5-7 Days before each camp we email a details packet which includes all camp logistics. In that email, we will also communicate the most recent Coronavirus updates and our most recent safety protocol for that particular camp.

You have a lot to look forward to in training with Kicking World. Read this awesome article with 5 amazing reviews and photos from parents of campers at our March 2020 Kicking World Orlando FL camp we were able to squeeze in before the Coronavirus escalated earlier this year. We intend on holding all camps dated May 2020 and on, as planned!

Thank you for your business and support as always; especially during this crazy time. Please don’t hesitate to sign up for any of our camps, and please – have no worry of losing your monies, that will not happen! While we are a small business we are financially secure and will survive this pandemic. We look forward to seeing you on the field!

Keep up to date and follow our camp videos & photos on all @KickingWorld social media channels.