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Eric Piccione (K)

clear springs kicker eric piccione

Kicking World is the best camp in the country for breaking down your technique and helping you reach your full potential. I attended Coach Brent’s kicking camp in 2012 not really knowing the proper way to kick a football and made most of my kicks from raw natural talent. Since that initial camp; Coach Brent has worked with me and got my technique a lot better. I came back to his 2013 Austin TX camp and improved so much that I won all 3 phases of the kicking competition! A lot of camps just tell you what you’re doing wrong but Coach Brent and his staff do a great job about not only telling you what you’re doing wrong but how to improve according to your own style of kicking. Coach Brent is a great guy and he really knows what he’s doing. I recommend Kicking World to anyone who wants to get better. Kicking World is the way to go!