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Under Armour Kickoff Tee

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Purchase the Under Armour kickoff tee direct from Kicking World! This is the newest football kickoff tee available and we use it at all Kicking World camps! Why do we like this new kickoff tee so much? It is much lighter than the standard/typical Ground Zero© kickoff tee we’ve all come accustomed to using over the years. The Under Armour kickoff tee is more streamlined, takes up less room and based on use at our kicking camps and lessons, the football stays on the tee slightly longer on windy days. In addition, you can see more of the ‘sweet spot’ of the ball and your kicking foot doesn’t catch the tee as much as some of the more bulkier kickoff tees out there. The Under Armour kickoff tee is only available in a 1″ kickoff tee size.

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2 reviews for Under Armour Kickoff Tee

  1. Daniel Perregine

    I feel this tee keeps the ball standing up much longer than the traditional ones they use in high school and college. Its light and fits in my kicking bag great. Thx.

  2. Merrick Strykowski

    My favorite kickoff tee I have ever used!! It feels and sounds better coming off of my foot. I get more distance than I normally do with any other tee. I love it and I highly recommend this to anyone!!

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