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“The Duke” NFL Football


Sold Out!


Purchase brand new official “The Duke” NFL footballs direct from Kicking World! These are the exact footballs used in NFL games! NFL Kickers and those training for pro workouts should inflate these footballs to 13 PSI; all others 10.5-11.5 PSI is fine.

Orders ship within 5 business days via UPS direct from Wilson in Tennessee and Includes FREE S/H and NO Tax!
Please note, Wilson has been back-ordered on stock since the Coronavirus and because of their inventory uncertainty, we are not taking orders at this time. We do however have a few Wilson 1001 KW logo balls still available for purchase and those would ship directly from KW HQ in Austin, TX.

There are NO refunds on football orders.

Please note – Wilson is currently back-ordered on several footballs and at this time we are not taking orders as we cannot promise you a delivery date.


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Throughout American sports history, no other brand has been partnered with a league longer than Wilson has been with the NFL. Not only has every point scored in the NFL been with a Wilson Football, but every Wilson NFL game ball has been handcrafted in Ada, OH by skilled craftsmen and women for decades. “The Duke” NFL football was named in honor of the game’s pioneering legend and NY Giants owner, Wellington Mara. Back when Mara was a young boy taking in the game from the sidelines, the Giants players dubbed him “The Duke” and years later, the NFL game ball took on this nickname too. Bring home “The Duke” today, which is as close as a fan can get to the authentic, on-field icon that’s been passed, caught and carried by the game’s greatest since the NFL started in 1941.