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What is the Best Kicking Net?

Coach Brent recommends the best football kicking nets from two manufacturers. See why The Net Return and Wizard Kicking make the best kicking net!

best kicking netI’ve tried several football kicking nets over the years and quite frankly was disappointed or moderately pleased at best up until the last couple years. Back in my days of high school football, my kicking coach made me lug around the kicking net to each game and at the time that thing weighed about 50 pounds! Jumping ahead to 2011 and beyond, the football kicking net transformation is impressive and the weight of some of these units are less than 20 pounds! Not only do the new kicking nets fold up compactly but more importantly, set up and break down quickly! My favorite football kicking net is The Net Return kicking net

Best Kicking Net #1
As The Net Return’s slogan goes, their net truly is ‘The Only Net You Need.’ The Net Return specializes in making the best football kicking net that is used by hundreds of football teams from NFL to NCAA to High School. They also have some cool looking baseball, golf and soccer nets. Check out their website if you want the best kicking net available today! The Net Return is more expensive than most kicking nets but the quality, features and options on it are far superior than the run of the mill nets you see at most sporting good retailers.

Wizard Football Kicking NetBest Kicking Net #2
If the Net Return is a bit out of your budget range, then go to Wizard Kicking for our second kicking net recommendation! Wizard Kicking has developed some awesome kicking products over the years from their football holder to an extensive line of affordable kicking nets and snapping nets. The Wizard Kicking Net is an excellent choice for any kicker or punter. Wizard Kicking is based in Southern California just like Kicking World and they are THE source for all your football kicking equipment needs!

Final Thoughts
Whichever kicking net you end up choosing, be sure it includes the overhang on top like The Net Return and Wizard Kicking nets. This will eliminate your frustrations of errant kicks or punts going onto the field during a game! You can settle on one of those cheap kicking nets at a sporting goods store, but if you’re like me and only want the best- then go for one of my recommended choices above! If you have any questions about kicking nets feel free to e-mail me anytime.

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