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Tate Atherton (K/P)

new york kicker tate atherton

My 11 year old son Tate found Kicking World online as we were looking for some instruction on his kicking game. We struck gold! We drove to Toms River, NJ from Northport, NY to participate in the Kicking World one-day Youth Camp. It was totally worth it! Coach Brent has the great ability to break down the components of a kick, showing it by step by step actions that are easy to learn, which leads to more consistent kicks. Most importantly, he was able to show each student what they did wrong when the kick was off so that they could learn how to correct and improve. We purchased his Kicking DVD and Tate watched it the next day and is already out practicing in the backyard with his kicking net. He can’t wait until next year and is excited to get 1 on 1 lessons and continue to work on his game. Well done by Coach Brent and Coach Jesse! Worth every penny!