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Shimon Takahashi

woodbridge kicker shimon takahashi

After learning about Kicking World and viewing its website, I was impressed by Coach Brent’s analytical approach to Place Kicking, especially his explanation of how leg speed can be more a factor in obtaining field goal distance rather than leg strength. My son, Shimon is still a High School sophomore and building leg strength can be a gradual process, but once he understood that the force of the football carries its distance, and how leg speed has an exponential effect on force ( force = mass x velocity squared ), his place kicking took on a whole new form. Shimon came to Kicking World in July ’10 with a field goal range of 40 yards, and after 3 1/2 months of very personalized training with Coach Brent, he has been able to increase his range to 55 yards. WOW, what an improvement! Coach Brent’s focus on highly personalized instruction combined with a good understanding of the mechanics behind proper kicking form can really accelerate the learning curve of youth kickers. Working with Coach Brent has been a very rewarding experience for both me and my son.