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Robinson Placek (K/P)

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As a former college soccer coach, I tend to be very observant of and often critical of the teaching style of other coaches. After reading some of the testimonials on the Kicking World website, I decided to enroll my son Robinson, who was making his first transition into football after ten years of playing soccer, in a two day camp. From the opening minutes of the camp, I was incredibly impressed with Coach Brent’s teaching style. First, his passion and enthusiasm for the sport was apparent from the minute we got there. Second, as a former player, he had the ability to demonstrate the technique he wanted the kids to achieve. His teaching wasn’t just theoretical – it was something they could see for themselves. Finally, and most importantly, he has a gift for breaking down complex techniques into simple components that the players can master. He provides exercises that build on each other to create a solid technical foundation for the players. His attention to detail assured that each player received good corrections in his technique. Coupled with his use of video analysis, even an accomplished kicker could walk away from the camp having learned something new or discovered a flaw that they could correct and enhance their performance. My son has been to two Kicking World Camps so far, and we’ll be back again. I highly recommend Kicking World for both experienced and rookie kickers!