Why Kicking World?

Kicking World has a proven track record of success at every level – from youth to pro. We have coached over 3,000 students via private kicking, punting & snapping lessons since starting in 2008. You need an experienced private kicking coach who will help take you to the next level. Whether it’s becoming a reliable Youth kicker, Varsity HS kicker, College All-American kicker or a future NFL Kicker; we got you covered. Our clients choose Kicking World because they value our passion for kicking, genuine personality, expertise, and most importantly; our ability to produce results!


Our private kicking lessons provide each student a personalized kicking environment with emphasis on the proper fundamentals and technique of kicking field goals, kickoffs, onside kicks and punts. We also teach short & long snapping. Our private kicking coaches, punting coaches and snapping coaches are located around the world to help you improve your game. Kicking lessons include on-field slow motion video analysis, a re-cap of points to work on, and a personable experience from a kicking coach who truly cares about helping you improve & succeed!

What’s Included

  • Professional Kicking Instruction.
  • On-Field Slow Mo Video Analysis.
  • Video shared with you via App.
  • Fundamentals & Technique.
  • Improved Accuracy & Distance.
  • Better Lift, Height &  Hang Time.
  • Mental Training / Pressure Drills.
  • Premium: virtual monthly packages.

Follow a Plan

After you’re a Kicking World student, we can help you create a personal kicking program which highlights everything you need to do on a weekly, monthly, and yearly basis; both in-season and off-season to help drive your accuracy, distance, and confidence! Coach Brent and the staff will guide you each step of the way so there is never a doubt in your kicking training regime. It’s highly recommended to pick up our training DVDs & books to help supplement your lessons!

Lesson Benefits

YouthHigh SchoolPro/College

Small Group Lessons

You get plenty of attention and personalized kicking instruction because each session is small and focused – 3 to 4 students per kicking lesson; not a large group where you might get lost in the shuffle. You’re grouped according to your age & skill level. Small Group kicking lessons are scheduled in 1 hour increments. We hold mini competitions at our kicking lessons which promote a fun & competitive environment, new friendships with fellow students, and helps keep you motivated, focused and excited to train each week!

1 on 1 Instruction

Each kicking coach is also available for exclusive 1 on 1 kicking, punting and snapping lessons at 45 minutes per session. (All new students are required to do a ‘1 on 1’ for their first lesson). Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or advanced kicker, punter or snapper; 1 on 1 Kicking Lessons are by the far the fastest way to see results and the best training method to provide consistency over the long haul. Nothing compares to the watchful eye of a professional kicking coach who can critique, refine & encourage you along the way. If you don’t live near a KW coach, we also offer virtual monthly packages that can really help you out!

1 on 1 lessons


Small Group Lessons
Per 1 hour Lesson: $50-70
One on One Lessons
Per 45 min Lesson: $75-100

*Rates range from $50-70 for small group lessons and $75-100 for 1 on 1 lessons. Check each coach’s bio page (find a coach) for their specific price. After registering for a lesson you’ll receive an e-mail from us with your coach’s contact information.

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