Kicking World Kicking Camps

Kicking World provides the best football kicking camps in the world. In 2017 we have over 50 kicking, punting & snapping camps in 32 major cities across 20 states for all levels of specialists including Youth, High School, College & Pro.

What makes Kicking World camps different? Our attention to detail, limited camp attendance, high coach to student ratio, focus on results and our ability to accurately assess & promote top talent.

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Camp Types

College/Pro: May 20-21, 2017
Ages 13-18: 2-Day, 1-Day, Snapping, Qualifier & Showcase
Ages 9-12: Youth Camps

Camp Fees

2-Day, Showcase & College/Pro $400
1-Day & Qualifier Events: $225
Snapping Camps: $200
Youth Camps: $100

A $100 deposit Or payment in full holds your spot at camp!

  • If PUNTER only, get $75 off (1-Day) & $150 off (2-Day) camps at checkout.
  • Siblings registering together for same camp get $50 off each camp fee (use coupon code ‘SIBLING’)!
  • Register for (3) or more camps & get $50 off each (use coupon code ‘3ORMORE’)!
  • Invite your snapper, and get $50 off your next camp!

Our Approach

Kicking World kicking camps preserve a high coach to camper ratio which creates an interactive, fun and competitive environment where each student gets personal attention from the camp staff. Each of our kicking camps (except Qualifier, Showcase & College/Pro events) have a specific attendance limit (typically 20 to 40 students) which ensures maximum results for each camper. We preserve a 1:9 (or better) coach to student ratio at our larger camps, and smaller camps of less than 12 are typically run by one coach. Unlike many camps, we won’t put a college student in charge of a camp. All coaches running Kicking World camps are vetted & highly experienced. Since we limit attendance, most of our camps sell out quickly, so be sure to sign-up early!

Our Promise to You

You will receive high-quality instruction from coaches who are down to earth & passionate, and you will leave our camp a much better kicker, punter or snapper! You’ll have the opportunity to showcase your talent & get noticed based on your performance!

What We Teach

At Kicking World we teach you everything you need to know about the kicking, punting & snapping game so that at the end of the day you genuinely feel you learned a lot and got your money’s worth! We will educate you, demonstrate for you and teach you everything from basic kicking fundamentals to advanced techniques and kicking tips. You’ll be taught every aspect of field goal kicking, kickoffs, onside kicks & punting and snapping. You’ll learn an easy to follow process that will boost your confidence and help you perform better under pressure. Throughout camp we discuss strategy & process such as how many balls you should be kicking on a daily basis, how to prepare the night before a game, what routine you should do at practice & before a game, and a whole lot more. You will become a complete kicker, punter and snapper by attending our camp.


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Not only are our kicking camps a tremendous instructional environment, but you’ll also have the opportunity to compete in fun & challenging kicking competitions! Our kicking camp competitions help simulate a game environment which allows us to see who can handle the pressure. The field goal competition winner is awarded the prestigious Golden Boot which signifies they are the best field goal kicker at camp. Field Goal, Kickoff & Punt champions receive awards and recognition in front of everyone at the end of camp! Kicking competition results are posted online which includes detailed statistics of your field goal, kickoff, punting & snapping performance. These stats help validate your ability to coaches. Coach Brent sends an e-mail to college football coaches and recruiting coordinators around the country alerting them of the top camp performances in each region and who to keep an eye on. This helps you get on the radar of many college football programs.

Get Noticed

Hot Prospect List
All campers who attend Kicking World camps will be evaluated & considered for our exclusive Hot Prospect List, which helps the best kickers, punters and snappers stand out from the crowd and get noticed by college football programs. On average, less than 3% of Kicking World campers (grades 8 through 12) make this prestigious list. We provide a platform for all Hot Prospects to upload video, camp & game stats and more on their unique Hot Prospect profile page on our website. College coaches are constantly seeking out top recruits, and the Hot Prospect List is one of the first places they look. Kicking World’s track record of coaching elite specialists into accountable young men who exhibit long-term reliability has earned Coach Brent and the Kicking World name a great deal of respect in the collegiate coaching community. Because of our students’ successes; special teams coaches, recruiting coordinators & head coaches place a high value on his recommendations and are always seeking his input. Coach Brent provides Hot Prospects a plethora of resources & advice, and even schedules conference calls to help each hot prospect strategize during their recruiting journey. You can’t just pay to get this recruiting boost, you have to earn it!

Invite-Only Showcase
In addition to the HPL, we also have an Invite-Only Showcase Event once a year, every December in San Diego, CA. This special event is reserved for the top Kicking World campers in 8th-12th grade. Showcase Invitations are awarded based on performance at camp, and on average, 10% of our campers earn this prestigious & highly exclusive invitation (in 2016 – 94 of our 1,100 campers were invited (the top 8.5%). We bring in special guest speakers to discuss sports psychology, motivation, accountability, goal setting & more. We hold a classroom session both days for students & parents to better understand the college recruiting landscape and help educate you to maximize your recruiting/personal marketing efforts. The on-field camp format is such that Day 1 is charting and Day 2 is elimination competitions. As the Showcase is designed for the very best specialists, there is no on-field instruction, and the emphasis is on competitions, getting validated & increasing your college exposure. We stream Day 2 of the Showcase live on YouTube and all D1, D2 & D3 college coaches are aware of the event and are provided a roster with detailed info on each camper. In the last 3 years alone, we had over a dozen scholarships offered to Showcase participants within 1 month after this event! If you are looking to prove your abilities, compete against the best, get validated and get noticed, the Kicking World Showcase is an event you need to be at!

Qualifier Events
New for the 2017 Camp Season, we have (3) regional Qualifier Events. They’re located in Los Angeles CA, Dallas TX and Wayne, NJ. Our Qualifier Events can be viewed as mini versions of our Showcase; but are not invite-only events. They are open to kickers, punters & snappers in 8th-12th grade who meet a minimum set of skills qualifications based on their position (see Qualifier Event camp details page). Qualifiers are 1-Day events with an emphasis on charting & competitions. We will be evaluating top talent and how you handle pressure amongst a more select group of campers. We will also have an in-depth classroom session for students & parents to learn valuable recruiting tips & strategy. We’ll discuss Kicking World core philosophies that have enabled our students to have greater long-term success vs most specialists out there. There will be limited instruction at Qualifier Events as it’s designed for evaluating the top specialists in each region. Exceptional performances at our Qualifier Events will garner higher consideration for a Showcase invitation and possible inclusion on the Hot Prospect List.

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